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Oh ... so wait, Astronomers didn't ever dabble in invention? Or wait, no sometimes if they were in research and development. Interesting too that if something new was discovered it was a collaborative effort, which meant what exactly? That someone didn't just get their individual name on a project?

Measurement and recording. The only part of math that Carsyn was okay with because measurement was an important skill when it came to baking. She was following for the most part to what Sandhu was saying, even though there were a lot of words being stated, for the most part it all made sense. Calibrating a camera to measure skyglow. That actually sounded interesting and Carsyn had to wonder if it included taking a picture of the skyglow????? Cause that's what cameras did, right?!? Reading over the procedure, as she absently fiddled with the camera in her hand - aka just turning it over and around - she finally set to work on following the procedure.

Holding the camera a few inches from her face, she moved it so the screen was entirely white, playing around with zooming in to make sure it filled the entire space.

Camera sensitivity set to ISO 200. Aperture to f/2.8. And her hand moved slightly exposing some blackboard on her screen. Moving her hand holding the camera back a little, she propped her elbow on the desk to make somewhat of a stand between her forearm and wrist to hold the camera steady. Image resolution low. And time to take a series of photos with different shutter speeds.

Okay this wasn't taking pictures of pretty skyglow?? When did they get to take sky pictures?
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