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Claudine had just a few moments of idle time before Noble was moving them along again. Somehow, she got the feeling this would be complicated in terms of procedure and she tried to do her best by following along simultaneously with her professor. Burette in hand, she set the tap for the bottom so that zero was at the top. So far, this was easy. Carefully, she set about clamping the thing while hoping she had done it properly, and it won’t fall off later on. Horizontal handle on her burette? Yes. This meant that it was closed. Indeed this first year had to move things to her chair to see; she was so short. But once she had a better vision, she poured antidote in until it was at the number 33 mark. She wrote this down.

Claudine collected the skull bottle then measured out the required 50ml into the flask. Three drops of the Kuznetsov indicator was added which made the solution turn bright pink. It was at that point that Claudine got hopelessly lost. The pride that she had been feeling earlier seemed to seep out of her, leaving her deflated.

It was for this reason she was looking at Noble so dejectedly.
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