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Hey Guys! Thanks for coming back for the next chapter. What do you think? Will Harry play or not? Well I'm not going to hold you up by chatting all night. This chapter is quite a bit longer than the last few, but more to the normal of what I usually post. So here you go, hope you like it.

Chapter 2

The Quidditch Game

Harry sighed and said okay and a uniform was instantly on him. Ginny said, “The teams have to use the brooms they used back in 1997. Harry held out his hand and his Firebolt that he replaced his original Firebolt that was destroyed during the war came to him. Ginny started to leave but Harry caught her hand and said, “Tell the kids I'm anxious to see them after the game.” She smiled sweetly and said she'd tell them. Harry looked around at his team and wondered why they were all looking at him.

Ron said, “You're not being very Captain like, not giving us plays and such.”

Harry's mouth dropped open and he said, “But you have a Captain right? I mean what if I didn't show up?”

The commentator said, “Harry, you were the Captain that year, it doesn't matter who they had before you came. And besides, she just walked away; your wife was the Captain. Now put something together while I get up to the commentator's box and be ready to start right then.”

Harry was obviously worried. The team rallied behind him though and he gathered himself up and began giving orders like they were his Aurors. They smiled at his ability to take command of the situation and the game began a few minutes later.

Harry kicked off and flew above the others trying to stay out of their way and watch his players and still watch for the Snitch. But something wasn't right. Bludgers were hit at him so often he wasn't able to watch for the Snitch. He caught a sneer on Draco's face and realized what was going on. With Harry minding the Bludgers Draco was able to watch for the Snitch and have a chance to catch it before Harry could shake loose from the Bludgers. He grinned at Draco which worried the platinum blond man. Harry called Coots to him when he diverted a Bludger from Harry.

“Looks like you're going to have a rough game,” said Coots. Harry shook his head and said, “Target Draco every chance you get. Be legal but make him afraid. I'll be flying right beside him; on the side the Bludger isn't coming on that is. Tell your partner to do it as well. As soon as Draco makes a change in his strategy then go about playing normally and so will I.”

Coots flew away and Harry raced over to fly beside Draco. All at once Bludgers were coming at Draco from his Beaters trying to hit Harry and Harry's Beaters trying to defend their Seeker; hitting away the Bludgers even though sadly for Draco; he was in the way. It didn't take long for Draco to make a drastic change to his game plan. Harry signaled for his Beaters to make the change he told them to. Harry concentrated on the game as well as he could. He was desperately tired and hurting badly. He kept telling himself that he'd been through much worse and so continued to play. He was getting annoyed that the Snitch hadn't been spotted once since the game began. Surely people would be getting tired and want to watch the Main Event but nobody seemed to mind watching this scrimmage game. He flew behind Ron and asked what the score was. “We've got to score forty more points without them scoring any before you can take the Snitch. Maybe if you stop showboating you'll catch the Snitch,” said Ron thoroughly aggravated that he was so uncomfortable from his girth that was keeping him from being in top form and Harry looking in top form as always. Harry said, “The Snitch hasn't been released yet. Maybe if you stop drifting you'd block more scores. Lighten up and have fun.”

Harry flew away but turned to grin at his brother-in-law. Then Ron knew Harry hadn't just been trying to find out the score, but went to give him relief from the tension he was feeling. It worked, he began to be a more efficient Keeper and Ron was in good form, not comfortable but managed despite his girth for the remainder of the game. Harry flew to one of his chasers and said, “We only need to score once more for me to catch the Snitch when it is released and shows itself. The next time you get the Quaffle make like you're going down the field to score, throw the Quaffle when you hear me whistle. I'm going to make like I saw the Snitch and I'll accidentally intercept the Quaffle and throw it down to Demelza or Dean and one of them will score because they'll all be blocking you. I'm counting on the commentator to cause some excitement and it'll confuse Slytherin even more.” She let him know she understood.

Harry broke off from her and flew around watching, doing his part in the game. Then he was beside the other two Chasers and told them the plan and they smiled letting him know they understood. He finished telling them quickly and then said, “It will be coming hard and fast, you might need to roll with it so it doesn't hurt you or knock you off your broom. Within a few minutes Harry was flying in the position he needed to be in when he gave his Chasers the signal. He wasn't facing the Chaser but the commentator shouted she had the Quaffle and was tearing up the field going down to score. Harry whistled and she made like she was throwing for the score. The commentator shouted, “And oh my! Katie Bell shoots too early will it even make it to the goal?! Oh another mistake, the Captain, Potter has flown right up into the Quaffle! He thought he saw the Snitch, ladies and gentleman; a costly mistake for Gryffindor!”

The crowd was screaming their surprise and delight and the Slytherin team laughed and pointed at Harry holding the Quaffle, but not slowing down. Harry saw that Dean Thomas hadn't believed he could throw the Quaffle hard enough to get close enough to the goal hoops and hung back pretty close to Harry, but Demelza the other Chaser was in position so he threw it hard to get it to her. She caught it and rolled with it twice and then flew close enough to the goal to just drop it through the hoop.

“Gryffindor scores! They have the game if the Snitch is caught now. Ladies and gentleman we have certainly gotten our money's worth with this game and we still have the Main Event to watch.”

Harry had been right, when Katie had the Quaffle and threw it at the posts the other team all blocked her shot to Dean in case she tried to pass it to him once she saw she wouldn't make the score.

Harry wasn't listening to the commentator so much now, but was watching for the Snitch and Draco. There it was hanging around the edge of the field just in front of the spectators. He chanced a glance and saw Draco going off to the other side to say something to a player on his team. He hadn't seen it. Harry made his way closer to it casually so as not to alert the commentator that he saw it.

“There it is, ladies and gentlemen, and Gryffindor has spotted it, the Snitch just down there in front of the east side of the stadium.”

Just as soon as he opened his mouth Harry knew the commentator was going to announce the sighting of the Snitch. Draco was still closer but Harry was a better flier and made up the ground quickly. The fans were screaming wildly seeing Harry coming right at them. They even held out their arms to catch him if he got close enough. Just as Harry reached for the Snitch the commentator yelled Slytherin scored. Harry back handed the little ball so there couldn't be any mistake about Harry not catching it but knocking it away to keep Draco from catching it. He paid the price for doing that though when Draco flew into him and knocked him into the side of the stadium. Harry slumped over his broom and skidded along the side of the stadium from the momentum he had been traveling at. The crowd reached over and caught him and pulled him into the stands with them. They were fighting over him and the commentator was laughing. Not just the women were in on this but some men too. They were fighting over his cape and ripping buttons off his uniform and using their wands to tear off pieces of his uniform jacket and shirt. Other spectators who were just close enough to reach over people were grabbing his shirt ripping it as they took as much of it as they could.

Harry had been unconscious but woke up and took his broom back from a man who was trying to run off with it. Harry got it and was back on it and flew back into the stadium. He looked around quickly and was relieved to see the referee had called a time out. Oliver Wood was yelling at Draco and another Slytherin. As it turns out the other player rammed into Draco sending him into Harry.

Flying slumped over his broom assessing his condition Harry debated on whether or not to have a replacement. He decided that he would just catch the Snitch as soon as it showed itself again instead of flying slowly to it. He finally sat up as straight as he could and gave the thumbs up to Oliver who was coming over to him. The crowd was silently watching to see what Harry would do. He was bloody and hurting but when he gave the thumbs up they cheered louder than they did when he first came on the field. It was then that Harry saw the condition of his uniform and tried to pull it together somehow but had to give up on it because Oliver was about to start the game again.

The game resumed with two free shots for Gryffindor and both scored points. Now if Slytherin scored they were still ahead enough to be able to catch the Snitch. The spectators screamed fearfully warning Harry of something devastating. At first he thought he missed the Snitch somehow, but he looked up just in time to see a Bludger coming at his head from a shot above him. He put up his left arm to protect his head and the Bludger smashed into his forearm. He didn't have time to do anything because at the same time a Bludger smashed into his left rib cage. He groaned and nearly fell from his broom. Then he saw the Snitch. Memories flooded him with all the times he caught it and how exhilarated it made him feel. He set a determined look on his face and watched the Snitch as he flew at it and it tried to out maneuver him. It dipped and climbed and swooped and Harry was right behind it getting closer and closer. It looked like it was flying straight for Draco. He saw Draco grin and then fear registered on his face. Harry was flying right behind it going full speed. Harry saw Draco glance up and knew he was planning on catching the little ball and flying straight up with it. Harry laid as flat as he could on the handle of his broom and with a great effort he yelled loud and stretched his arm out catching the Snitch just as Draco reached for it. Draco's hand closed around Harry's wrist and the surprise on his face that he had Harry instead of the Snitch told Harry Draco played a clean game after his initial plan to attack Harry with the Bludgers backfired on him. Harry dove downward the instant he had the Snitch since he knew Draco would fly upward whether he had the Snitch or not. Draco began pulling up when he thought he had the Snitch and pulled Harry up also. A beater hit a Bludger hitting Harry in the right rib cage hoping it would cause him to pull his arm back to his exposed side instead of catching the Snitch but Harry only groaned and gripped his broom tightly with his left hand. Just then a Chaser flew into his exposed right side sending Harry and Draco into the spectators. This time Harry landed on Teal'c, Jack, John, Carson, Ronon, and Cameron. He swallowed and tried to smile.

“Lo guys; I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in. Has anyone seen my broom lying about?”

Sam handed it to him and he got on it and flew off of them. The crowd was going wild with the win for Gryffindor. He saw Draco and grabbed his wrist and pulled it up in the air and flew around the stadium in a show of good sportsmanship. The crowd jumped up and down and waved their banners of the school teams. They loved Harry acknowledging both teams even though one team lost. When he got back around he let go of Draco's wrist and shook his hand. “Great game Draco.” He got with his team and motioned for them to join him. He stood up on his broom and held the Snitch high and flew around the stadium. As you can well imagine the stadium thundered with clapping and shouting. The crowd cheered so loud the Merpeople and the Centaurs came to the edge of their domains to observe what was happening. Again flashes from cameras glittered around the stadium and sparks from wands flew high like fireworks on New Years eve breaking in the new year. The commentator couldn't even be heard telling the final score and declaring Gryffindor the winners once again. Harry searched the crowd and finally saw Ginny and his children. He was so exhilarated he non-intentionally gave the crowd a last bit of broom showmanship by still standing on his broom surfing the air that he did a loop-ta-loop. He flew to them and Harry handed the Snitch to Albus and said he was going to go shower and get fixed up and then he'd go to wherever they were going to be. Ginny said they were going to be in the top box because she had to commentate the game.

Harry nodded his head and tried to turn away from her but the commentator found him. “Mr. Potter, might we have a word for the fans?”

Harry turned and looked wearily at the man but tried to be polite and smiled. “If we must, but can we please keep it short?”

The commentator looked Harry up and down and then said, “Yes, yes of course. Thank you Mr. Potter.” Harry nodded courteously but the trauma his body was subjected to was beginning to show. He was trembling and his breathing was shallow and difficult. Sweat mixed with blood trickled down his face and he blinked it out of his eyes and the commentator forgot to say anything taking in how traumatized Harry's body was. Harry said, “Something you wanted to say or ask me?”

“Oh, sure, I'm sorry, Mr. Potter. Is there anyway you could tell us what you've been doing these last two and a half months?”

Harry shook his head slowly and said, “I cannot talk about things that have to do with national security for continents all over the world. I'd hate for something to happen and it be because I said something that caused it. You understand right?”

The man nodded his head and said, “Oh sure, sure. You have to excuse us normal people who just go about our day not thinking that things go on and we're protected from it by you.”

Harry said, “My Aurors are the best in the world and they make it easy for me to be able to do my job when it comes to having to leave home. Just sometimes things go on that I have to keep from everyone and I can do this because they carry the burden of our job without me.”

The commentator said, “Mr. Potter, did you...”

He stopped and looked at Harry leaning back on a pole he was next to. He took a breath and swallowed and shifted his weight to his other foot and grimaced when he tried to stand up straight. He looked down at the ground and then looked back to the commentator when he had better control of his situation. He licked his lips and slipped down the pole a little bit.

He looked at the man and said, “Sir, if we could be done I'd really like to clean up a bit and be with my family. And people want to see the game, I'm not anything to hold up a game for. Please sir, can we just be done?”

The commentator felt like a heel keeping Harry from medical attention and his family. “Yes, thank you for giving us your time, Mr. potter. There will be at least a half hour intermission for people to get something to eat and rest up a bit from the thrilling game they just watched. Thank you again for playing; your skills are undeniably superb. I hope you had fun with your fellow teammates.”

“Thank you, sir, it was good to see everyone. I think everyone played exceptionally well, and it was a joy being on the team just like old times.” He waved to the crowd; wincing when he raised his arm to wave.

Harry looked around and saw Ron and the team talking to reporters waiting to interview Harry and he made his way into the changing room before they noticed Harry was available. He showered and was using potions, medicines, and bandages when the rest of the team showed up. Harry checked to make sure his towel wrapped around his hips covered him decently. He wasn't expecting the women to come in and they apologized when they saw his discomfort with them being in there. “We were told not to shower and to just change with magic so the professional team could come in and change.”

They looked at his bloody and shredded uniform on the floor, and then they looked at him. They saw the effects that fighting the assassins had on him and they asked if he needed them to get a healer.

“No, but thank you anyway. I'm just trying to get this medicine on and a couple band-aides here and there. I will just wait until I get home. I don't want to hold up the professional team. You all did great out there, I was proud to play with you.”

He hoped they would change so he could get dressed while they all were concentrating on themselves. They just stood staring at him so he magiced clothes and his shoes and socks on and said he'd see them later. He started to go out the door and they shook his hand again saying it was an honor to play with him. He felt odd them treating him like that but he just turned red and thanked them quietly as he left.

As Harry made his way to the box seat Hagrid stopped him; his smile going from ear to ear. “It's good ter see ya, Harry. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you before you went up to the box seat. Do you have a minute for an old friend?”

Harry didn't let the disappointment show that he wanted to see Ginny and his kids before the game started. But he wouldn't ever say no to Hagrid, his very first friend he ever had.

Then Harry's heart jumped with happiness for Hagrid just said, “I know you want to see Ginny and the kids and a few others.” He opened the door and waved him inside saying, “That's why I had them come here; so you could have a few minutes in private. You're a great man, Harry, great man.”

Harry moaned when Hagrid patted him on the back and wrapped his arms around him crying on his shoulders. “Dumbledore 'd be so proud o' ya; an ya know I am.”

Harry was having trouble standing up under the weight of Hagrid and was near passing out when he pounded the half giant's ribs with the heal of his hand. Hagrid just thought he was comforting him and stood up and blew his nose. “Thank ye Harry; always was my favorite young man. Now, I'm going to sit down and we'll let you visit.”

Harry nodded his gratitude and looked around for his family. When he turned around he saw them, Ginny, his kids and his friends from Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain.

“I'd love to see you guys, but I promised I wouldn't see you, ask for your help or seek refuge from the assassins. Your government in turn said they'd do their best not to hunt me down and kill me while I was...”

Jack interrupted and said, “It's fine son, since you met with the UN this morning and offered proof the assassins who excepted the contract on you are either dead or captured by you and in prison. We didn't know you were meeting with them this morning and quite frankly we thought it would take a couple years for the assassins to be taken out of the picture. We were finally able to devise a plan to help you with your problem so we sent word we were going to help you take out the assassins but the Pentagon told us that you just left the UN and you had given proof there wasn't any worry anymore. They also told us about this event; we were practically over top of the school right then so we came to watch the event. We didn't know you were going to be playing. You played magnificently, son.”

Harry was speechless and all he could do was grin. He managed to say thank you and then said he needed to see his wife and kids. They all understood and sat back quietly so the family could finally see each other. He held Ginny in his arms and kissed her softly though he was raging inside with other thoughts. He pulled his kids to him and hugged them tightly. He looked as wild as a lion but was as gentle as a lamb. He kept looking into Ginny's eyes to make sure he wasn't offending her in any way. He didn't think he would be able to bear it if she got angry with him for some reason. They only got to see him for a minute before there was a knock on the door. Hagrid opened it and blew his nose again.

“Hagrid, they're calling for Ginny to go onto the field so she can introduce the players and then go to the box seats so she can call the game. Ginny squeezed Harry's hands and said, “I'll see you later. Are you going to make it up to the top box seats?”

Harry said he'd make it a priority to get there. Ron and Hermione stepped in when they heard her talking to Harry and said, “You played pretty good out there today, Harry. It's good to see you back in one piece. Of course your banged up a bit, but that's normal for you.”

Harry's grin wasn't as pleasant as he tried to make it be, but he thanked them. They motioned for the kids to follow them and Harry stood up and reached for his kids as they moved to their Aunt and Uncle. “They can stay with me and we'll be up shortly. I'd like to spend a few more minutes with them. I haven't been able to visit with them yet.”

“Harry, by the time you get up there the game will be over. Let them come up with us. Come on kids,” she added as she was going back out the door. Harry was just about to go home but thought about Jack and the others who wanted to watch the game. He put his hands on James's shoulder as he was leading his brother and sister between Harry and Hagrid.

“Unless they want to go with you then they can come up with me.” He looked at his kids and Lily looked crestfallen and said, “I'll go with them because I am helping Mum.”

Harry smiled and said, “It's okay Angel. Go on and be a good helper for Mum. We'll visit when we get home.”

Lily, Ron, and Hermione left and the boys looked like they just found a stash of Christmas presents they didn't know they had. Harry asked Jack if they'd like to sit up in the box seats and they all said that was fine with them. Rodney spoke up excitedly and said, “The only think is, we kind of crashed the event. We didn't buy tickets we just appeared inside the stadium.”

Harry rolled his eyes over to Hagrid and his wife. They both looked curiously at Rodney. Harry said, “Rodney, you're saying things you ought not talk about.”

Rodney looked surprised and started to say something and Harry tilted his head towards Hagrid and his wife who still looked confused. His eyes opened wide and he started to say something but Harry shook his head slightly.

Harry looked at Hagrid and said, “Hagrid, Rodney just let slip a bit of an Air force secret. I'm going to have to erase it from you and Irene's minds. Is that okay with you?”

Hagrid looked doubtful and said he didn't cotton to his mind being tampered with, but he didn't want to be in trouble with the Air force either. “I don' wan' their Pentagon coming to kill us neither.”

Harry made it look like he was thinking and then said, “If you like there is one other way we could avoid having to erase your memory of it. I could take you and Irene to the Pentagon and they would interrogate you. It would be very similar to the Board Of Inquiries and trial you went to for Buckbeak. I'll vouch for you and be accountable for your oath of secrecy.”

“Aw, Harry, would ye do 'at fur yer ole friend Hagrid?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “You know I would Hagrid; I've always stood up for you.”

Just the mention of Buckbeak's trial hit a nerve with Hagrid though and he said, “Harry, maybe we better let you adjust me memory. On'y Giant's even Half Giants minds are set up a bit differ'nt than normal brains. I'm kind o' nervous.”
Harry hated having to make Hagrid remember the trial and be nervous of adjusting his memory. But he knew that Hagrid was not good at keeping secrets.

Irene spoke happily, “Dumpling, how about I go first. Harry has been in my mind before.”

Hagrid turned red at her calling him her pet name for him. “Yes, but Kitten, you are a human. It wouldn't be anything at all for him to get in your head.”

“Yes, but Dumpling, I wasn't when he did it. I was Mrs. Norris, a cat, remember?”

That seemed to have worked out the problem for him. He begrudgingly agreed he would let Harry adjust his memory. Harry stood up and moved cautiously and closed his eyes trying to shut out the pain that just moving caused him.

He smiled at Irene and said, This won't take long at all.” He put his fingers lightly on her temples and moved them searching for the memory. “Here it is, Irene you see this memory? I will cause you to forget this part of the memory and then you will go to sleep until I snap my fingers so you don't see me do this to Hagrid.”

Harry took his fingers off of her and Hagrid looked extremely angry. He grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt and lifted him off the floor so he was face to face with him. Harry felt his wound break open and was doing all he could to not pass out. He stayed calm and said, “Hagrid, I put her to sleep so she won't have a memory of watching me make you forget, or else we'd just go round and round having to adjust memories. Just as soon as I make you forget then I'll snap my fingers and she'll wake up. Neither one of you will even know she was sleeping.”

Hagrid put him down and said, “Harry, I'm terrible sorry. I didn't hear you talking to her after you started working on her. I was afraid. I don' know wha' I'd do ifn' things went wrong and I didn't have her anymore.”

Harry just nodded his head and weakly said, “Let's get this done dear friend.” He put his fingers on Hagrid's head and searched painstakingly slow. He talked to Hagrid the whole time to keep him calm. Hagrid said it felt strange him being in his head but liked how safe he felt. Harry's breathing became labored and he shut his eye's and lowered his head so his forehead was resting on top of Hagrid's head. He kept searching and finally he said, “Here it is; the memory I need to make you forget. After I remove this memory from this part you will fall asleep just like Irene and you will both wake up when I snap my fingers. Everything is going fine, I'm just being very careful so you don't have to be afraid I'm hurting you.” Harry was beginning to tremble and then finally he pulled away and he stepped back to the seat he had been sitting in before he removed their memories. He sat down and Rodney opened his mouth to say something and Harry glared at him and shook his head no. Harry looked around and then snapped his fingers and Hagrid and his wife woke up.

Harry grinned at Rodney and said, “Don't worry about crashing the game, I'll get your tickets; I'm sure it won't be a problem. Come on though we need to leave now or we'll miss the start.”

They all stood up and Harry put his hands on both of his sons shoulders and asked Hagrid if they'd like him to take them up to the top box seats, but Hagrid laughed happily and said they'd watch it from the lower level. They all said good-bye and left the house. Harry was using his son's to keep him from falling over while they left the house but then stood on his own. “Everyone grab my arms and hold on tight. As soon as they did they were all in the box seats high above the stadium.

Harry looked around and found Ginny still on the field; the introductions going slow. He turned into Carson who was surveying Harry's condition. “Oh sorry, Carson. It's going to take another fifteen minutes before Ginny gets up here. I'm going to go visit the giant squid back here behind us. I'll be back as soon as I can.”

He disappeared and Rodney said, “Why would he visit a giant squid? I think he's hurt too bad to think straight.”

James laughed and said, “He means he's going to go get in the lake so he can do some healing. He's hurt really bad and Hagrid tore open his chest where that great big cut is.”

Fifteen minutes later Ginny got up to the box seats and greeted them happily. She noticed Harry wasn't among them and a sadness fell over her. She put it aside and smiled happily again at her children. Are you ready for the game? Here, I brought some food and drink for everyone. Is daddy okay, has anyone seen him?”
Albus said, “He'll be here any second now, he's visiting the Lady in Black.” He grinned at his clever use of words for his clue.”

Ron patted her shoulder to comfort her. “He got pretty worn out from the scrimmage earlier. He probably went home; I'm sure he's not visiting any woman.” He glared at Albus and the boy's smile fell away.

Just then Harry was there. He looked a good deal better than when he left but not as well as his son's and friends from the military hoped for. Ron was pleasantly surprised and said, “Where ya been mate? Ginny was worried about you.”

Harry winked at Albus and said, “I was visiting the Lady in Black. I couldn't very well strip down up here and put new medicine and bandages on, and as much potions I took I'd look like an alcoholic. What a picture right?” He laughed and everyone joined in.

“Well thanks for your thoughtfulness in not subjecting us to that. But what does the Lady in Black have to do with anything? Who is the Lady in Black anyway?”

Harry grinned and said, “The Giant Squid is a female and she lives in Black Lake. She has special healing properties she'll give you if you're willing to pay the premium price.”

Ron's mouth dropped open as did everyone else. Ron looked at Albus and said, “How did you know this?”

Albus said, “I only knew she is a female because she is bigger than male giant squids. I didn't know she was magical, but it stands to reason, I guess. They only live in the deep of ocean's or they'd get sunburned. So maybe her magic she gives you would be some sort of secretion that she covers herself with that would heal the epidermis from trauma; sunburn in her case since she lives in the shallow water of the lake.”

Ron said, “You're a delightful child, Albus, but scary. How do you know all about that?”

Albus looked at his dad. He wasn't sure if this was meant as a compliment or just a stupid remark. Harry grinned and said, “I seem to recall that one of his Science subjects with his mum was Marine Biology, and I also remember that he did very well in it. The rest is thinking quick on his feet.”

Albus spoke up happy that his dad knew about his school studies. “And I learned that from my dad.”

Harry smiled at his kids and then looked at Ginny. “Good job, Mum.”

Her return smile was sweet and she said, “Back at you, Dad.” She handed the bag to him and he cleared an area for people to sit at a makeshift table. He put the food on the table and told people to dig in.

He stepped over to his wife and put his arms around her and pulled her carefully to him. He took in her essence and kissed her gently. He let go of her hair he had in one hand, watching it fall through his hands. “Love you, Honey.”

She said she loved him too and then Hermione said, “Ginny, they're ready to start the game now. But, if you let Lily help me, I can take over for you so you can take Harry home and take care of him.”

At first Ginny was going to be angry with her but then she did seem concerned for Harry. Ron quickly spoke up and said, “Harry's fine, he doesn't need Ginny she can do the commentating.”

Harry chuckled knowing that Ron was thinking Hermione would spoil the game since she didn't know the teams or anything. “I'm fine, Hermione, but that was a very appreciated gesture. Go ahead and do your parts so people can watch the game. It's getting really late for a tournament game.”

Harry was right, it was four o'clock in the afternoon and tournament games usually lasted for hours. The scrimmage match had lasted six hours. Harry put his hands on the shoulders of his sons and watched for the first half hour on his feet and then sat down to watch. After three hours he was becoming desperate to get some rest. He moved back to the back of the box seats and laid down on the stadium bleachers. It wasn't comfortable at all but he began to rest. He was listening to Ginny's voice doing an excellent job of play by play action.

At nine twenty a time out was called for a player who got hurt and a fight had broken out. Ginny used this opportunity to check on Harry. She could see he wasn't fairing well and gently shook his shoulder. He woke up and smiled at her; his teeth chattering like he was very cold but he was sweating. His hair clung to the sides of his face and his green emerald eyes shone bright.

“Is the game over? Who won? Did you have a good time? How is Lily doing?”

Ginny smiled and ran her fingertips under his hair to get it off of his face. “There is a time out and yes, it's fun. Love, why don't you go on home so you can rest and concentrate on getting healed? The kids and I will get a ride home with our friends. Harry nodded his head and said, “If you don't mind then I will take you up on your suggestion. He looked at Jack and asked if they could make sure his family got home okay. Jack said he'd make sure of it and Harry said bye to the kids and Ginny and left.

Harry went directly to the cavern under the house and stayed in there for an hour and got out feeling much better, but he'd have to be careful not to be strenuous and undo all that had been done to start the healing process. He was particularly happy he didn't have to use medications or take potions and have bandages all over him. He showered and laid down in his comfy recliner chair and instantly fell asleep.

At three o'clock in the morning everyone barged into the house talking loud and laughing hysterically. Harry got up quickly and smiled at the group noticing him and feeling guilty for waking him up. He assured them he wanted to wake up when they got home and asked for some highlights of the game otherwise he would have gone up to his bed. Ginny went to him and cuddled into his chest.

“I'm tired, love, I'm going to bed. Could you get the kids to bed?”

Harry hugged her gently and kissed her softly. “I'll take care of it, go on to bed.
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