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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kai von Brandt ; 2084

Kai had made a lot of mistakes in his life. He often wondered if he was some sort of record holder for Man with the Most Erroneous Decisions at only twenty four years old. Between his work, his family and his love life, Kai wasn't sure about anything anymore.

Except for Viktoriya Vitvinina. Kai had always been sure about Toriya.

He remembered the first time he'd come to this garden in Saint Petersburg, her hometown. He had been seventeen and looking to impress his date that night. He'd conjured her a bouquet of radiant white flowers. He couldn't even remember her name now.

Kai always had everything he wanted and nothing of what he needed. Girlfriends, but never love. Bright work prospects, but no enthusiasm. All the money in the world and no lasting happiness.

Today that changed. They were back together. They were promised to each other.

In this pavilion with Toriya, lit by a thousand floating lights, Kai conjured a bouquet to put all others to shame. He'd practiced. Shades of blues, purples, pinks and a white so pure it lit both their faces. "I love you, Toriya. I'm going to love you forever."

And he did.

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