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Wow. The entire thing just turned bright orange. Caudine was impressed with the entire ‘experiment’. This was one of the best Potions lessons ever. She offered Noble another small smile when he further explained her answer then proceeded to make some more notes.

She watched with careful attention at the next set of demonstrations. Forget about brewing potions, these were the kinds of things she loved. Though she supposed there was only so much of these experiments one could do for seven years of Hogwarts education as opposed to brewing potions.

Then Claudine got started. In went the same amount of baneberries into the mortar. With the pestle, they were ground with the pestle. With the pipette, the Snakette gingerly sopped up some of the liquid then added it to a vial. Three drops of Kuznetsov indicator, a bit of a swirl and viola! A pink solution.

The girl felt very proud of herself of having being able to follow the instructions so far. And so she continued. Using a fresh pipette, 50ml of the general purpose antidote was measured out. Instead of adding it all at once, Claudine decided to add it slowly to see the colour change. It was quite the fascinating thing to see the contents of the tube change from various shades of green the more antidote she added. It wasn’t until all 50ml was added that she achieved the required lime green colour.

Now for the last bit: to retrieve the three items from the side bench.
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