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Taking the professor's words Jillian tried it out and had better results. The colors were more vibrant....? She did make notes beside the blank pages of her textbook. There are a lot of pros with this solution, Jillian mentioned that it is "simple and direct" which is a very good thing especially to students. Hence, why it is part of the curriculum. The cons for this solution is probably the same thing as its pros. It is simple. Some potions are quite complex and require more than just blue and red indicators. Jillian set the test tube aside for now and decided to note down the main parts of the lesson in a small parchment that she will be attaching it in her book later.

Kuznetsov indicator... Kuzzy something... Again there were a lot of instructions involved. Professor Noble makes it look easy but Jillian is trying to keep her focus with it. Perhaps her brain is panicking at the amount of materials used for this experiment? Anyway, as long as her book is right next to her she will be fine. Okay... Focus.

She mashed up a bunch of the baneberries in a mortar, adding a bit of water into the mix. When she's happy with the consistency, she took the pipette and transferred the liquid into the vial-- just like what the professor did. So far so good. She's getting back on track with the activity.

Jillian looked at the vial and added the solution, 3 drops as instructed. Moving her hand in a soft circular motion, she watched the solution swirl until it turns pink. This one looks cute-- except for the fact that baneberries are quite toxic but the color is pretty. Are they allowed to keep this?

Oh right...
Next one.

Scourgifying the pipette, she used it to transfer the silver colored thingy to some of the test tube... Professor Noble mentioned that the solution will turn into its original boring lime green color.... Hmmmm... She took a deep breath and added 50 ml of the solution into the mixture. Watching it carefully as the bright pink changed back into lime green. Nooooooo... the pink is gooooone.

Now moving on to getting that flask and burette.
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