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Gunnar turned to page 259 in his text book as he thought briefly about the indicator potions. At its basic, they seemed boring. But he wondered if they could be useful in what he was anticipating his post-Hogwarts studies to be, especially the Benedict's solution. He decided to try that one first.

Gunnar set about adding a spoonful of sugar to a test tube of the instructed amount of water. And then the Benedict's solution before using a pair of tongs over a flame. He knew it wasn't going to change color, or at least it wasn't supposed to, so he wondered how long he was supposed to hold it there. After another moment in this exercise in futility, Gunnar added a few drops of the sucrase and watched it slowly turn yellow.

Before he'd experiment with different amounts, he listened to his peers offer answers to the questions posed by Noble. Uh. He was sure there were specific applications and good reasons to use either indicator, even the generic ones offered by his classmates. As he thought about his own answer, he added more sugar to his test tube and watched as it turned from yellow to a bright orange. Interesting.

The Slytherin prefect raised his hand. "With the Benedict's solution, it might be good for determining just how much sugar is in a potion or other solution, and would be useful for people or creatures that have to regulate the amount of sugar they are allowed." In fact, that could be very useful.
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