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Hey guys, I'm here to post the new chapter that was supposed to be posted last Sunday. Another relapse of my illness occurred and I wasn't able to post it. Please forgive me. But you guys aren't the only people who got neglected, but my family did too, and my house is atrocious. I tried to post this early this morning but couldn't so we'll see if I can make it happen now. Thank you very much for your loyalty. I love each of you and wish I knew you all personally as a friend. I hope you like this short story; three chapters long and is a bridge from where Harry came from and what he has to overcome, to dark and violent. The story will turn very dark and violent quickly so don't like eat cookies with milk while you read because I don't want you to choke when the unexpected happens. I specifically left out most of the violence from the assassins arc so you don't get overwhelmed with evil and violence. If anyone wants to skip reading this short story because of the darkness and violence PM me and I'll let you know about what happens in the chapters as they are posted. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy this new chapter in this new short story. It is pretty light but you are able to see hardships Harry endured.

Short Story: Harry Comes Home

Chapter 1

The Unwanted Surprise

The next morning at nine o'clock the stands were completely filled and more stands were added due to an overwhelming amount of purchased tickets. A surge in ticket sales yesterday caused a sold out event. The commentator said it was due to people hoping that Harry Potter would be there. He brought the teams onto the field and they stood nervously while their names were given for introduction. Many of them hadn't played a game since they were at Hogwarts as students.

“Has anyone seen or heard if Mr. Potter made it here today?” The commentator asked after he introduced the players on the House Teams playing and waited a minute and then said, “Maybe if we all shout for him he'll come. Ready? On the count of three everyone shout Harry Potter!”

The crowd roared and clapped there hands before any counting began. They stood up and whistled, shouted and many jumped up and down with excitement. Flash bulbs went off making the stadium look like Christmas lights on a spectacular tree. Harry Potter had just appeared on the field and stood behind his wife. The announcer screamed, “It's Harry Potter ladies and gentleman, right here, just behind his wife!”

Ginny turned around and screamed with excitement. She jumped into his arms and kissed him full on the lips. He embraced her and returned her kiss. “Lo, Ginny, you look beautiful.” His voice was so quiet she could barely hear him. He looked tired and she could tell he was in pain, but his eyes began to twinkle. His lips turned up into a very charming smile. He was dressed in a very smart black three piece suit, white silk shirt, and a rich black satin tie. He was tanned a rich bronze and his white wavy hair with curls at the length of his locks she loved blew slightly in the breeze. His white beard had some length covering his neck but was trimmed handsomely. He stirred many the heart of the thousands of women in the audience but only cared about the one his arm was around. His other hand was being pumped by the other team members, and then Ron took his hand and squeezed it roughly. Harry knew it was him before he saw him.

“Alright there, Captain?”

Ron couldn't be angry with him and embraced him and said it was good to have him back. Harry grinned at him but couldn't say anything because the commentator pulled him around. It was then that Ginny and Ron saw the long cut from his bottom lip and under his beard and then it disappeared at the neck of his shirt and they wondered where it went to. They also could tell he was favoring his left side and grimaced some when he was bumped into or pulled around to see someone else.

“Mr. Potter, I wonder if we could get a quick word with you before the game begins. Harry started to shake his head and said, “People came here to see a couple games. Maybe tomorrow if that's okay?”

The crowd began shouting now, now, now! The commentator laughed and said, “The people have spoken. So it looks like you were attending an important party or something, you look pretty fetching if I do say so myself. How Mrs. Potter can let you leave the house is beyond me.”

Harry bowed his head and the crowd laughed adoringly at his embarrassment. “Aw look they think that's cute, you getting embarrassed, but let's not forget why we're here. Answer the question, where were you before you got here?”

Harry answered, “I was in America at the United Nations for a meeting.”

“You met with the United Nations?!” he asked in total astonishment.

Harry looked at the man and waited for the next question. He would not be made out to be of any great importance. The man read the stoic look on his face and said, “Very well, I see you have a cut on your lip; tell us how you got that.”

Again Harry just looked at him and then when the man didn't give in but instead said to answer the question so they could start the game; Harry calmly and very seriously said, “I cut myself shaving.”

The crowd roared with laughter and the commentator chuckled then said, “Okay very well, you won't talk about your meeting. It is a well known fact that there was a contract out on your life and that over eight hundred assassins accepted the contract. Is that true?”

The stands became quiet and Harry said, “You said it was a well known fact, so there isn't any reason for me to say anything about it. I think we should let these good people who spent their money and took time to come here watch what they came to see.” He waved to the crowd and told Ginny to have fun and he wished both teams good luck. He started to turn away and the commentator grabbed him and stepped over to him saying, “Hold on now; what are you doing? Oh, excuse me we'll of course give you time to change into your uniform.”

Harry shook his head and said, “I read that I was to make an appearance since I'm not dead somewhere and I've done that. I'm not in any kind of shape to play and you have a very qualified player for the position of Seeker.”

The commentator laughed wickedly, “You think you're the one out of shape?” He waved his hand around to other team members on both teams and the crowd chuckled awkwardly. Not many of the team on either side were in good shape and they were quite embarrassed.

Harry said, “That was childish of you. I don't know of any of these fine people with the exception of Ginny who have played a game since they left school except for backyard Quidditch with their families. When I said I wasn't in shape I meant that I was working at catching bad guys until late last night and into the early morning. And then first thing this morning I met with the UN and presented my report that the job they gave me was completed. I was able to do the job but I didn't get it done without spilling my blood.”

The man apologized and then told the crowd he was ashamed he made the reference he did. “But, Mr. Potter, you misunderstood the paper. We meant that you making an appearance was you would play for us. Won't you please be Seeker for Gryffindor?”

The crowd went wild when Ginny flipped her wand and she was wearing a nice looking outfit that complimented her stature. She wouldn't take her position of Chaser back from Dean Thomas, the substitute; she would be a fan like the thousands of people there and watching with her children. She looked at Harry and he shook his head pleading with her not to make him play. Then Ron said, “Come on mate, it'll be like old times. Please?”
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