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Well if this wasn't a rock and a hard place. He....was perfectly ready to leave. At the same time, what he would give for several extra hands to clamp over the mouths of his students.

He got it, believe him, he GOT IT. For all the yelling they'd gotten this term, he'd gotten the longer version of it BUT. But. But. There was a but.

"Thank you." He replied to the Headmistress, calm as he could be despite the wild reactions he expected would further keep flying out of his woefully short sighted students' mouths. Leaving would feel great, but then what? "We appreciate the gesture." Oh to be young and blissfully choosing to all the details of any situation. OH TO BE THEM. To not have to deal with this.

With equal calm, he turned to face his students. Why should they stay? He could give them a good reason. An unavoidable one at that. "We'll remain until the end of the term. That is...unless one of you has an entire castle sitting in wait to receive us when we pull out of Beauxbatons tonight. And if you do, I can't imagine why you'd have kept it secret for so long." Merlin knew they could've used the getaway a few times. "Under the assumption you don't, that puts an end to this conversation." And any others that threatened to spring up.

"Let's try to think longer term than the next half an hour, hm? Hogwarts is still in need of repair. No other schools are prepared to take us on such short notice. I can't send you all home with so much of the school year left." THAT was why they'd stay and if they weren't careful, they'd lose the upperhand.
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