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Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Hogwarts. They were going to Hogwarts. If anyone would have told Grae Fairfield that she would be partaking in a mission to her alma mater to help clear a bunch of boggarts within her second year of working for the Ministry of Magic, she wouldn't have believed them.

Steaming mug of coffee in hand, Grae ambled over to her usual workstation, where she pulled out a book on boggarts from her bag. Thank goodness that her grandfather had kept a rather large collection of old textbooks from his professorial days in the attic. She didn't expect to be working with such creatures in the Transportation department. But nevertheless, she welcomed the challenge. Grae would take adventure in any way she could get it.

She wasn't sure exactly how she would be able to help on this mission, though. As an apparition examiner, she didn't have as much experience with portkeys as the rest of her department. But she felt fairly confident after the refresher courses on them. And she had spent a lot of her time at home lately researching. She wasn't about to show up to this mission looking ignorant.

Settling into her chair for another morning of preparation, she noticed a fellow DoT member in the work area, flipping through a book as well. "Feeling alright about all this?" Grae asked her coworker. No doubt that the Portkey Office was feeling the pressure. After all, they were known to be the experts on this kind of stuff.
Before Chloe saw anyone, she could smell the coffee and the redhead had to inhale deeply to take in the aromas. She glanced up from her reading once the young woman was close enough and nodded.

"Honestly, yes. I mean I feel like the worst is behind us, ya know? Plus it will be good to finally ensure that Hogwarts is that safe home away from home that we ... er .. I once knew." Wait, was the girl a Hogwarts alum? Honestly, Chloe could barely keep track but she was pretty sure Yasmin wasn't, so maybe Grae wasn't either? Being a Hogwarts alum wasn't a requirement to ministry employment and truth be told, it actually made the workplace more exciting. The diversity, that is.

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