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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Gestures?!?! But what kind of gestures did cows make? Bernie was udderly hopeless at this task.

Maybe she could do ze gestures for the next animal she had to sing about? She took a big breath and nodded at Notredrama. He wanted funny? She could do funny. LOUD and FUNNY, yes, those words did describe Bernadette. Were the abraxans looking less sad yet?! She began singing again, this time thinking of the funniest-looking animal she had ever read about.

"OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM.... E-I-E-I-O!" Bernadette began loudly, "AND ON THAT FARM HE HAD A BLAST-ENDED SKREWT, E-I-E-I-O!" Bernie did pantomime a skrewt by sticking her bum out in a half-squat, then sweeping her arm around to her face like she was sneezing into her elbow. In fact, she was preparing to make the best-ever fart-sounds, which were an obvious characteristic of the Blast-Ended Skrewt. If she could have shot fire out of her bum whilst acting this out, she would have. As it were, the highly accurate sound effects would just have to satisfy Notarydang and his horsies.


She may, or may not, have actually tooted during all this squatting, fart noise-making, and singing. Oh well. The noise and smell would have just been a welcome addition to the special effects of her show.
Mathys had to admit that this was going quite well, even if it was at the expense of his ears. Who was the choir instructor at Hogwarts? Surely they needed their position many other of their faculty. But that was an entirely different matter that the French man was more than pleased to set aside in his mind for now.

Mademoiselle Grantham was quite devoted to the role and this brought a pleased Cheshire cat-like smile to his handsome, chiseled features. One would almost expect him to be twisting a thin curly mustache around his index finger. He had thought that a performance as a dolphin in particular would have been sufficient in the department of self inflicted embarrassment, but the first year one-upped him and took it to a place his own imagination had not. Very pleased indeed.

Even more so when he caught the head of another young Hogwarts student peeking his head into the barn. It was, truly, almost a shame that there was not a wider audience for Mademoiselle Grantham's spirited performance.

......a little too spirited as it turned out.

"Zat will do, Mademoiselle Grantham," the professor interrupted with a raised hand before she could continue on to her next verse, flourishing his hand with a polished roll from the wrist to summon a large wooden barrel from the opposite end of the stables. "You have proven yourself."
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