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The two Unspeakables were indeed alone in the room. Nobody else had come and gone in the last few hours. Revelio would not reveal anything or anyone hidden in the room. Finite Incantatem would not make the machines stop either. None of the machine appeared to be malfunctioning. Quite the opposite. They all looked as if they were attempting to break a code or translate a dead language. Especially the big cipher machine with the ticker tape being spat out. If one of the Unspeakables were to look at the tape, they wouldn’t be able to read the symbols and dots and dashes that were being printed.

With a noise that sounded like a child spitting out broccoli, the cipher’s keys stopped moving and the ticker tape fluttered to the floor. Just as suddenly as they had started the other machines stopped their whirring and whizzing, leaving the room in an uncomfortable silence.
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