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SPOILER!!: Andrei
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

And he absorbed every syllable she was willing to share with him. He would be a fool to waste this time, seeing how long it had been since he had last heard her voice...and it not be completely full of disdain towards him. So he said very little, completely content in hearing her stories and how she was doing. He was reluctant to share about himself anyway and delve into the time he had spent captive by the Dark fae.

"I am finding it impossible to imagine my uncle in here," he admitted as he took the mug from her, wafting the scent and smiling a little to himself. Glances around a bit and settles on a chair with an obnoxious floral pattern on it that reminded him very much of his great grandmother just off to the left of Emilia's selection. "Thank you, for the coffee."

Emilia looked around, trying to picture Mr. Flamsteed spending time here. The thought made her smile softly down at her coffee before she took a small sip. "Oh, I don't know. Some things make me think he marches to the beat of his own drum." Truth be told, she liked that about him, even if it was terribly awkward seeing him around the ministry. She never knew what to do, what to say. A polite smile was her go-to.

She turned the slightest bit in her chair so she could see him better, shaking her head when he thanked her. "It's the least I could do, you coming all this way." She trailed off, allowing herself to commit this version of Andrei to memory. Sitting by her in a comical floral chair, sipping hot coffee and looking...content? Happy? Whatever it was, it suited him. She wanted to remember him like this. She hoped she could.

"This is a bit weird, isn't it?" Her voice was soft when she broke the silence, child-like almost.
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