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Jillian said the first thing on her mind and she's just thankful that her answer was right up in the alley. She nodded whilst looking at Professor Noble. Her eyes then looked at the table once again and looked at the ingredients. There was something particularly soothing about Potions and as Professor Noble had said 'potions reacting to other potions'. THAT she is pretty much excited to see.

Focusing back at the professor, she watched as he began to demonstrate what they will be doing for today. She opened her book to page 259, skimming through the paragraphs and taking notes on what Noble was talking about.

And here comes the experimental part... Litmus Solution. There was a lot of information there and Jillian is trying not to get too overwhelmed with everything. Okay, focus for now. Right... after getting all of her materials in place and taking note of each sample in front of her, she starts pouring a few drops of the solution on each. A pencil on her right hand ready for results if there is a change in color that is.

So far only the test tube with lemon juice in it changed color. It immediately changed into red as soon as the solution was in contact with it. She noted that one down. Glancing over to her other test tube, the baking soda is not reacting to the solution. She thought to herself that adding a few more might do the trick and besides it's not like they're brewing up a potion that needs exact measurements right? Jillian poured in a few more drops and to her surprise it worked. The test tube with baking soda inside turned blue.

Looks cool. She isn't done yet. She still needs sugar. Oooooh yummy.

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