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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
As Adam proceeded down the aisle, his fingers twitched. He refused to produce his wand, fearing that he’d look like a paranoid moron should he come across someone. There were, after all, a few new Unspeakables in the department. Perhaps they were on the stealthy side and neither Laurel nor himself had heard or seen them in the Chamber. After all, weirder things had happened in the Department of Mysteries and both he and Laurel had been victims of said weird things.

He clenched his fingers together, blunt fingernails digging a little into his palms as he walked. Slowly he walked, checking down each row of shelves and around each desk nook as he passed. But he saw nothing, nor did he hear anything besides he odd noise of the unmanned and very loud machines. As he approached the cipher machine he stopped, waiting for Laurel to appear. ”Find anything?” he called out over the noise of the machine. Because unless someone was under an invisibility cloak, Adam was pretty certain the two of them were alone.

Assuming that Adam hadn’t heard any reports of other oddities earlier in the week since he didn’t answer Laurel continued down the centre aisle. She cautiously walked with her wand gripped tightly as she looked left and right and up and down the bookshelves for something suspicious. She really hoped that nothing would hop out at her or she’d scream and cast a spell in fright. Nothing happened though as Laurel kept walking toward the clicking noise. They had experienced a number of weird happenings over the recent years so she would thank her lucky tarot cards if this noise didn’t come from a rock golem or something of that affect.

Unconsciously Laurel gripped her wand tighter and tighter and by the time she stepped out of the bookshelves section soon after Adam her hand was cramping. Loosening her grip and trying to shake off the cramp she walked over to stop next to Adam. She eyed the cipher machine, revolving tools and recording devices that we’re making the buzzing and clicking noises for several minutes before she turned her attention to Adam. "No I didn’t find anything out of place or odd. Did you?" Gesturing to the machine and other gadgets she asked "Why do you think those gadgets are making such high noises? Has someone forgotten to shut them off?"
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