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Once the creature was contained, Giselle moved to approach the students—they were in for it. They didn’t know how in for it they were. This was likely their last night at Beauxbatons, she was so furious—but Malachi’s words to his own students gave her a moment’s pause.

Right. She’d expelled them all. Yes. She remembered that. Happened not an hour ago over in the Inquisitorial Hall. Of course.

”Let’s not be too ‘asty.” She began, feeling this to be her second lesson in humility in the space of one evening. It was not the tastiest pill she’d ever had to swallow but...given how everything turned out. “My verdict may ‘ave been a bit....excessive. Detention ‘ould ‘ave been more fitting...” Not that she was about to throw them into detention and not that the decorations mattered NOW. This dragon was all the reason to cancel the ball. Her students didn’t deserve a night of elegance after what they’d caused regarding her rose garden.

“Zhere are still a few months to go. Zhere is no need to uproot ze children and not in ze dead of night. When ‘ould you get back to London? Non, stay, please. Ze castle ‘as already been set up to share. We do not need to end it on such a sour note.” More sour than it had already turned out. LOOK at her roziz!!! “Ze elves ‘ave made twice as much food. We can’t possibly eat it all. Stay. Stay. You ‘ave nowhere else to go and are welcome ‘ere.”

Truly. She would even refrain from making faces when they used the wrong utensils at dinner.
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