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Could he just take a moment to say how relieved he was that despite the obvious concern some of his students had toward the creature, none had gone trying to calm it down themselves? James could grabby hand the it all she liked as long as she stayed behind Gladin.

Trent turned his gaze down to Grantham. Admittedly, he wasn’t as surprised as he could’ve otherwise been by her question. The man had raised two children. On principle, children tended to want things they had no business having because someone else had it. “The last thing Hogwarts needs is a dragon. And Beauxbatons does not have a dragon, either. I have no doubt it will be carted off to a reserve before the night is up. They like wide open spaces...and roasting people. A castle wouldn’t be the best place for one.”

Aaaaand there went Desmarais.

Consider him equally relieved her shrill reprimand was not directed yet again at his students. He’d quite frankly had enough of that. Which reminded him.

Malachi put out the last of the flames before turning to his students once more. “Looks like we’re all done here. Everyone, back to your dorms to get packed. We’ll head out after dinner.” Nevermind that he still didn’t know WHERE. He wouldn’t allow them to be kicked out twice. They would leave with their dignity in much as was left after having their names dragged through the mud anyway.
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