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Text Cut: Laurel
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

Laurel had a feeling that Adam was thoroughly confused by her behaviour. One minute she was being snappy at him and the next nice. Well that was how she liked it. She wanted to be unreadable it made things more interesting in the workplace but for some people like Adam she betted it to be pretty annoying. No matter though it was time to refocus on the clicking sound. One thing she was sure about was that it weren't those rock pillows that we're on the loose that was the cause of this new disturbance.

A clicking noise in a room that was supposed to be quiet and sound absorbing was disturbing to say the least, but they needed to investigate further before they contacted Airey. Laurel still remembered how infuriated he had been last time they had called him down. Tuning in to what Adam was saying she asked "You haven't heard anyone saying that they've seen or heard strange things when they've come from the chamber of codes this past week?" Everyone on level 9 visited this chamber regularly so if this clicking noise had been going on they'd have heard about it.

Extracting her wand from her pocket Laurel nodded to Adam as he went down the right side of the bookshelf while she proceeded down the main aisle bookshelf aisle towards the weird sound. She really hoped that it was something that could be easily explained and not something that required alerting another ministry department.

As Adam proceeded down the aisle, his fingers twitched. He refused to produce his wand, fearing that he’d look like a paranoid moron should he come across someone. There were, after all, a few new Unspeakables in the department. Perhaps they were on the stealthy side and neither Laurel nor himself had heard or seen them in the Chamber. After all, weirder things had happened in the Department of Mysteries and both he and Laurel had been victims of said weird things.

He clenched his fingers together, blunt fingernails digging a little into his palms as he walked. Slowly he walked, checking down each row of shelves and around each desk nook as he passed. But he saw nothing, nor did he hear anything besides he odd noise of the unmanned and very loud machines. As he approached the cipher machine he stopped, waiting for Laurel to appear. ”Find anything?” he called out over the noise of the machine. Because unless someone was under an invisibility cloak, Adam was pretty certain the two of them were alone.
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