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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Both of his arms hurt. The one holding the rope because it had stopped two full-grown men from collapsing into a pile of robes and limbs and spilled cappuccino. The other because it had stopped Sachin from flying across the lift. He found himself looking into big brown eyes as the other man said thanks for stopping him. ”Non problaim.” He said trying to sound like he hadn’t been disturbed by the sudden stop or the fact that a rather handsome man was now, basically in his arms. A little zing of exhilaration zipped through Valentin. Perhaps he should re-evaluate Singh not being his type…

He cleared his throat trying to hide his unease at the entire situation and removed his arm from Sachin (he may or may have not shoved him a bit as he put a little space between them). It had been too long since Michael if someone like Singh was exciting him. To cover, he looked down at his coffee stained pants. A string of French curse words slipped out of Valentin’s mouth. What was it about this place that wouldn’t let him enjoy a freaking cappuccino?! He was totally going to expense his dry cleaning and the cost of the cappuccino as well.

He was still hanging onto the rope. He’d been in these lifts when they stopped and change course suddenly before, but never like this. He wasn’t sure if he should be worried or not. When it appeared that the lift wasn’t going anywhere, he let go and rolled his shoulder trying to ease the pain in the joint. Satisfied that the joint wasn't damaged, he resched for the lever that ran the lift.”Ai think we are stuck,” he said stating the obvious after he moved the lever up and down a few times.

Valentin might have tried to hide the fact that he was ill at ease with Sachin being this close to him but Sachin already knew. Don’t ask how but that was how he was; he was able to mostly ready persons’ reactions to him just as much as he could tell when someone was attracted to him. Valentin was both and as he was shoved away, Sachin was even more sure of his suspicions.

But it didn’t matter to him. He was in no way concerned about anything other than getting out of here. “Just use magic to clean it,’’ Sachin offered somewhat impatiently, a hint of his Indian accent slipping in. His eyes were glued to the doors of the lift. He wanted out right now; he did not fancy being stuck in here with grumpy Valentin. His hopes were slightly dashed when the lever refused to cooperate. “Seems like it. Um. Alohomora might work.’’ But it was only a half hearted solution. Something told him that this entire situation was going to be more complicated. Nevertheless, Sachin pointed his wand at the door and muttered the incantation.
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