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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
He waved a hand dismissively at Airey’s concern. ”I plan on spenting zee next few days in zee zubly cabinets. Zey need zome organizing.” He didn’t have any potions brewing and planned on staying as far away from the Amortentia as possible. He was still mad at Zita and well, he didn’t want to be anywhere near the potion which would only make him think of her. Besides, the other day when he was looking for Boomslang skin, they were oddly low. Same with lacewing flies. And if he wasn’t in the supply cabinets, he’d be off running around trying to find new stores for it.

”A stamp colleczion?” Adam said attempting to feign excitement. ”Zounds like zomething zat vould look nice above your tie colleczion.” And Adam would know, he’d – ahhh….spent a bit of time in Airey’s office a few years ago. He and one of Airy’s pet rocks were quiet familiar with each other. He coughed and then remembered the poorly wrapped package under his arm. ”But, vou might zink differently after vu open zis.” Because it was something else for his boss’s office. He passed over the package.
"Ah," the astronomer nodding approvingly. "Well, I am sure the other Unspeakables will benefit from this. See if you can get a couple of the new recruits to assist you, if you wish. They could benefit from such an exercise in familiarizing themselves with the stores." He would never be one to frown upon cleanliness and organization. Mysteries in particular was in a perpetual state of needing to reorganize this and that. What happened when you had phials and magical elements that tended to want to move on their own. Or when certain members of the Thought Chamber decided to test their abilities. It reminded him that he needed to get on the Noutists to check and readminister a few enchantments about that chamber. Could NOT have another incident.

"It would, but this is something for my more private collection back at my home office," he chuckled. Though that may be a bit of a...misstep considering how resourceful the twins were becoming these days. "Oh?" he questioned, brows arched as he scrutinized the package that looked at though it had been wrapped by one of his twins. He was and never had been particularly good at accepting gifts. In fact, while he was a professor he had a strict no gift policy...which he had breached a few times when it came to exceptional student pieces. Most of them began as homework assignments that he then requested to keep later.

...he did not remember assigning Adam any sort of homework, so whatever was under this wrapping was a complete mystery to him.

But open it he did and he was truly not quite sure whether to be delighted or offended. "Sweet solstice, did you make this?"

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