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Jillian focused at the materials they were going to use for today. None really caught her eye to be excited for but she did take note with most of it. And also trying to think of what kind of experiment they will be doing today... Just in case Professor Noble won't make it a theory class all the way. Fingers crossed.

Jillian straightened her back a bit when she saw Lucas sat close to her. Smiling at the Gryffindor and her hand slightly waving at him. "Hello" she whispered back at him. More familiar faces came in as well, giving a soft smile at Carys and gave her a wave as well.

A big clap startled her a bit... which came from the professor himself. Focusing on him now as he started his lesson. Of course first 15 minutes of the lesson will always be the theoretical part but this one question in particular seemed a bit...... vague?.... Difficult?... There are a ton of possible answers for this. Jillian thought hard for a second. "the smell, professor." Some potions have a distinctive smell, could be nice and sometimes could be foul.

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