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SPOILER!!: Kaiser
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
It was never a good sign when the required equipment for a Potions lesson didn't include a cauldron. That had always been the case for Kaiser, but especially now... though admittedly even brewing something was not as easy as it had once been. Since his lengthy stint in the infirmary for the broken bones and head injury - cause still unknown, but he didn't fall, he never fell - his ability to concentrate had been proven to be the biggest casualty, but his emotions had taken a not insignificant hit too. It wasn't... easy. School was almost unbearable.

Trying to ignore the ghost of a headache that lingered threateningly above his eyes, Kaiser entered the potions classroom, bag slung over his shoulder. "Morning," he half mumbled - it was largely automatic by now - as he found his seat and settled himself into it.

It was a good job the classroom was empty, otherwise Noble might not have heard that mumbled greeting. “Morning, Kaiser,” he replied, eyes narrowing. He was well aware of the Slytherin’s stay in the infirmary, and wondered if he should be concerned. Whilst there wasn’t need of cauldrons today, there was need of focus and concentration.

SPOILER!!: Jillian
Originally Posted by hjhm View Post
So theory class.... yet again. Jillian enjoyed the experimental side of Potions more. All these theory classes are dull and ugh... But oh well, it's better to have them than nothing at all. Whilst walking towards the classroom she was making sure that all her stuff are in her bag like textbooks, her quill and notebook because that seems to be the only thing they will be needing for today. Fun.

Entering the classroom she paced towards the nearest seat she can find. Trying her best to be as quiet as possible "Hello, Professor" she said in a rather soft voice as she sits down while setting her bag near her.

Noble tossed the lemon half he’d been juicing into the bin, before repeating the charm he’d previously been using to start squeezing the other half. As he looked up from the citrus fruit, Jillian arrived as settled into a seat near the door. Someone trying to make a quick exit at the end of class, perhaps? “Hello, Jillian,” he greeted with a nod.

SPOILER!!: Daila
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
"Hello, Professor Noble," she greeted upon entering the classroom and finding her seat. Honestly, she didn't mind theory classes so much. And with as much as they had been shuffled around the place this term, she could understand the idea behind them. I mean, carrying all that stuff everywhere? No es bueno.

Anyway, she had the required stuff in her bag, so she was good to go.

The lemon juiced, Noble moved to trash the other peel, and then put the glass beaker to one side. They’d be needing it later.

“Hello, Daila,” he greeted the fifth year Hufflepuff, as he used the sink at the front desk to rinse his hands. “Textbook and quill out, if you please.”

SPOILER!!: Blake
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
Blake wanted to brew something!!!! Why couldn't they just brew a potion. I mean finding out Schmoe was a cookie thief was kinda fun, but he was ready for something more this time. Coming into the classroom Blake took at seat and gave a head nod to Professor Noble. Not daring himself to say anything, it might come out snarky if he did.

My my, everyone was quiet today…and Noble wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good thing or not when it came to Blake. Hopefully the Slytherin would keep his snark, and his judgement, to himself.

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Truthfully, Claudine liked the theoretical lessons so she didn’t mind one bit as she set foot in the room. Mercifully, there had not been a need for the lesson to be relocated as with the case of Transfiguration sometime back. The Snakette was in a fairly good mood though it wasn’t reflected on her face. She nodded to Noble and flashed him a tiny smile; she liked him, he was one of those Professors that explain things clearly and made learning somewhat easier.

Ignoring everyone else, including Blake, Claudine selected a seat at the back as usual. Out came her books, quills and ink. She was quite ready for the lesson.

A fellow first-year snake soon followed, and Noble nodded in response to her silent greeting. Her immediate organisation of her workspace was noted, even if she was trying to hide at the back of the class.

SPOILER!!: Lucas
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Lucas didn't know how to feel about this lesson. The sign said that they'd only need their textbooks, wand, and writing equipment, which meant that they were going to have a theory lesson, no doubt. And that was something he was always okay with. No chance of something exploding or chopping something wrong or...... or any of it.

But, then again, this was a theory lesson. They could always get a little boring, couldn't they? If the lesson wasn't Astronomy. To make matters worse, it was nine in the morning. Nine!

Yawning, the Gryffindor entered the room, one hand gripping his bag while the other covered his mouth. He instinctively made his way towards a nearby desk, one that happened to be close to where Jillian was sitting. His eyes didn't take long to find Noble - not when the man was already shouting instructions - and he said a simple, "Hello, Professor." Hey. Hi. Hello.

But then, his eyes found something a lot more interesting - no offence, sir - and they immediately lit up. Test tubes? Flasks? Measuring cylinders?? Was this a more science-based lesson? Because if so, maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all.

It was only after he sat down near Jillian - "Hey!" - that confusion settled in when he noticed the....... bowl of sugar? Uh??

Yes, it was nine in the morning. Just like every other week of the term. And no, Noble didn’t appreciate that yawn, as he made known in his reply. “Wakey wakey, Lucas.”

That look as the Gryffindor spotted the trays of equipment though? A pleasant surprise indeed.

SPOILER!!: Carys
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
The hour of the day hadn’t bothered Carys one bit. Mornings were always good for voluntary exercise, and also for art. Morning light was different than the rest of the day, after all, and that made it beautiful. Just as evening light was also beautiful, but it was morning. And it was Potions, so art theory wasn’t exactly something that she needed to go into, even in her head. Especially when it was probably going to be a theory lesson, so that definitely meant she shouldn’t distract herself. Even if there was an awful lot to distract her.

Either way, her head of house got a bright smile from the brunette as she’d headed into the classroom. “Good morning Professor Noble,” she added, heading to an open seat, waving at Jillian, Dalia and Lucas. Leaving a seat open in case her sister was going to be coming soon. Just in case.

The corner of Noble’s lips curled at the bright and breezy greeting of the fourth year Hufflepuff. Good to see that some people were awake and ready to go. “Morning, Carys.” They’d soon find out whether it was a good one or not.

SPOILER!!: Fiona
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona was feeling very irritable thanks to the atmosphere of Beauxbatons combined with recent events. Was it too late to send an owl to her parents begging them to remove her from such a toxic place? Those dark thoughts swirled around in her mind as she entered the classroom.

"Good morning, Professor Noble," she greeted with an actual smile since he was a decent enough teacher. Heading for a seat in the middle of the class in front of Claudine and got ready for the lesson.

It was always interesting, seeing how the first years settled in. Especially when it came to this time of year, with the summer holidays looming. He’d gotten the distinct sense that Fiona wasn’t the fondest of the stay here, which was understandable enough. “Morning, Fiona,” he replied with a nod.

SPOILER!!: Carsyn
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Potions was usually a good class no matter what time of day because it often reminded Carsyn of baking, which was something she was conveniently decent at. Also it was two days before her fifteenth birthday so nothing could really damper her mood. The weather was looking great, which only made her long even more for her traveling summer adventures.

"Good morning, Professor Noble," she greeted, sliding into the open seat next to her sister and nodding at her.

He wasn’t at all surprised to see Carsyn follow not far behind her sister, and then join her at the same work bench. “The same to you, Carsyn,” he replied as she settled into her seat.

SPOILER!!: Cecilia
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
"Hello Professor," Cecelia greeted cheerfully as she entered class, looking neater than she normally did. She always made an extra effort with Professor Noble 'cause he was kinda judgy as professors went and she didn't want him to think that she was the messy little tornado of a girl that she actually was.

Looking around for a moment, curious as ever, the blonde smiled a little and then headed off to grab a seat. She was READY to go.

That extra effort was worth it, though honestly, Noble had seen enough of the first around the school to she was more than that neatened uniform suggested. Not that he minded though, as long as she was conscientious in her work in his class. “Hello, Cecelia.”

SPOILER!!: Gunnar
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Despite recent occurrences, Gunnar was in a fairly good mood this morning as he entered the Potions classroom, though it had nothing to do with the particular subject. "Good morning, Professor," he greeted Noble in a civil tone as he passed the man, his eyes soon falling on the objects in his hands before noticing the items on the desk next to him. He hoped they wouldn't be making lemonade today. Not that he didn't like the beverage, it was just a very underwhelming thought.

He cut his eyes towards Kaiser momentarily, but soon found his own usual seat and began pulling out his necessary class materials to prepare himself for the lesson.

Noble glanced up to the clock, noting it was soon time to start. The Slytherin Prefect slipped in just in time. “Morning, Gunnar,” Noble replied as Gunnar got settled in his seat.

And with that, it was time to start class. Noble clapped his hands together loudly to get their attention – or, possibly, for some of them, to wake back them up. “Your starter for ten this morning… what can we use to identify potions? I’m looking for the obvious things…and the not so obvious things.”

And he expected everyone to answer. There were plenty of viable answers out there.
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