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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Will his paternal instincts had him wanting to talk up his son a bit, he tucked that aside. Boggarts and returning Hogwarts to its rightful place slightly outweighed his son's martial status.

"Yes, very..." He had a moment of weakness, an urge to indulge, but was able to hold his tongue...but literally biting it. "He often uses these little beauties in assisting with spirit infestations that annually plague the school. It's only to be expected given the location...but they are rather effective little things. Says he was inspired by an old muggle cartoon or comic of some variety...but no matter. These little ornate boxes have many dark nooks inside of them...perfect for a boggart to hide in, wouldn't you say?" He had a point, it was just taking him a little to get to it. "I was wondering if there was a possibility for your department to...modify these a bit? Your emergency portkeys are terribly efficient."
If the minister had any sort of secondary ulterior motive along with discussing the box, Kendra did not notice. She was too focused on how the box worked and what it could be used for, especially as Charles elaborated on it. Perhaps he could be persuaded to leave it with her... though her eyes snapped up at a particular word.

"A boggart, hmm?" She lowered her eyes to the box again, thinking she knew what he was starting to get at. "Is there one in here now?" She took a sip of her coffee, then smiled. "I think we can be up for the challenge." That was a rather interesting prospect indeed. She held out her hand for the box, wanting to inspect it closer. "May I?"

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