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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post

By the time she returned he had his composure together and was nodding along to her suggestion that they start looking for the rock pillows on level 9. He wasn’t really sure what he was going to do with them if he found them…levitate them back to the Decompression Chamber most likely. He still didn’t fully understand her aversion to the missing pillows, but he would indulge her due to her unusual congeniality.

But all other concerns disappeared when she agreed that the room was supposed to be quiet and that she had come down alone to the chamber. That creeping feeling that had been traveling up Adam’s neck? Well, it shrouded his head for a moment and he stood there unable to process much besides the noise. Adam was, by no means, a brave person in the conventional sense. Nope…he’d rather face an unknown potion or explosion than an unknown opponent or charm or spell. He was rubbish at charms work and therefore dueling. And he didn’t have the touch for creature handling. ”Nein,” he said in answer to Laurel’s question. ” I have been alone all morning. Vou are zee first perzon I have zeen.”
He nodded at her suggestion that they figure out what was making the noises. Resisting the urge to produce his wand from his back pocket, Adam motioned that he was going to head around the other side of the bookshelf. He assumed Laurel would go back down the main aisle.

Laurel had a feeling that Adam was thoroughly confused by her behaviour. One minute she was being snappy at him and the next nice. Well that was how she liked it. She wanted to be unreadable it made things more interesting in the workplace but for some people like Adam she betted it to be pretty annoying. No matter though it was time to refocus on the clicking sound. One thing she was sure about was that it weren't those rock pillows that we're on the loose that was the cause of this new disturbance.

A clicking noise in a room that was supposed to be quiet and sound absorbing was disturbing to say the least, but they needed to investigate further before they contacted Airey. Laurel still remembered how infuriated he had been last time they had called him down. Tuning in to what Adam was saying she asked "You haven't heard anyone saying that they've seen or heard strange things when they've come from the chamber of codes this past week?" Everyone on level 9 visited this chamber regularly so if this clicking noise had been going on they'd have heard about it.

Extracting her wand from her pocket Laurel nodded to Adam as he went down the right side of the bookshelf while she proceeded down the main aisle bookshelf aisle towards the weird sound. She really hoped that it was something that could be easily explained and not something that required alerting another ministry department.
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