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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
AAAhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so excited! This is one of my top 5 all time favourites!!! Ahhhhh. Time to pull it off the shelf and reread!

I wonder if I will still feel the same now about the characters and their motives (as an almost 30 year old) as I did when I read it originally (As a fourteen year old).
Your excitement makes me excited!

I think I first read it when I was about 13/14, too, but I don't entirely remember the plot - just bits of it. So far I've read about two chapters and it's suddenly all come flooding back!

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
I just bought it on audible, so I'll probably start it next week after I finish my current book. Never read it before, but it looks really interesting and I'm excited to read it.
Oh, yeah? I've got it on audible, too. I hope you do enjoy it!
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