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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
WELL? What did Schmoe think? It was a wonderful offer, was it not?!

Yes, he agreed. Good. Bernie scooted forward on her chair, finding herself nodding along with the professor, until he suddenly stopped and started asking ze questions. Oh.... her? Q u a l i f i e d? To teach? Hmm, she hadn't thought he would question her after all her questions.

"Um, yes, that's true," the first year agreed, returning to bobbing her head, and then adjusting her fake glasses, and then tapping her foot. She was a little bit nervous at being put on the spot, see. "I can teach because... I know what it's like to be a student!" Yep, yep, that was true. "And I have a lot of E N E R G Y!" She threw her hands up like an wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman to emphasize how much ENERGY she really had. "Plus I have lots of good ideas, and I'm not shy," well, not usually, "and I can be VERY helpful and hardworking." When she wanted to, and was interested in the material. "PLUS," and this was important, "people follow me! They copy me, and do what I do!" She had a little sister copycat, for example, who never stopped following her around! "See, I'd be the PERFECT teaching assistant for Muggle Studies." How could he turn her down? Look at how CUTE but BRILLIANT she was, at only eleven years old.
Finneas held back a smile, covering his mouth with an awkward hand as he kept bobbing his head up and down. Bernadette was quite eccentric. Not wrong about the energy. There was so much of it in such a little body. It was truly a wonder that she hadn't exploded already. Though the arm-flailing did look like an explosion of sorts. Again he waited, giving her words due consideration.

And in attempt to build up the antici........... (SAY IT) ........ pation!

"Very well then," he finally spoke. "You speak with conviction, Bernadette." She would make a great lawyer one day, if she were interested in such a thing. "I'll need a copy of your CV of course and a letter of interest, as I consider your offer. All standard." He waved a dismissive hand, so she could see just how standard all of this was. SO standard. So so so soooooooo standard. "If you can get that to me errrrrrrrrrrrrrr," he checked his watch... "Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow morning. I can see what I can do."

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