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Lucas didn't know how to feel about this lesson. The sign said that they'd only need their textbooks, wand, and writing equipment, which meant that they were going to have a theory lesson, no doubt. And that was something he was always okay with. No chance of something exploding or chopping something wrong or...... or any of it.

But, then again, this was a theory lesson. They could always get a little boring, couldn't they? If the lesson wasn't Astronomy. To make matters worse, it was nine in the morning. Nine!

Yawning, the Gryffindor entered the room, one hand gripping his bag while the other covered his mouth. He instinctively made his way towards a nearby desk, one that happened to be close to where Jillian was sitting. His eyes didn't take long to find Noble - not when the man was already shouting instructions - and he said a simple, "Hello, Professor." Hey. Hi. Hello.

But then, his eyes found something a lot more interesting - no offence, sir - and they immediately lit up. Test tubes? Flasks? Measuring cylinders?? Was this a more science-based lesson? Because if so, maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all.

It was only after he sat down near Jillian - "Hey!" - that confusion settled in when he noticed the....... bowl of sugar? Uh??
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