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Well, Lucas didn't really mind the task that Nostredame had described to them. Was it dirty? Yeah. Was it going to be grimy and disgusting? Yeah, most likely. But he also knew that this was just..... Care of Magical Creatures. This is what the subject was about, right?

But it wasn't until Cole had asked a question about safety that made the boy pause on his way to taking off his robe. Was it safe? Uh...... Green eyes found the gargoyles by Nostredame and he stared. Anxiously. He knew why Cole was asking: last time, in one of these lessons, the gargoyles had attacked them for supposedly attacking the Headmistress. Hadn't they gone after a wand too?

But he also vaguely remembered one that tried to get pats out of him, like a dog would. Maybe it was because of this that it was hard to think of them as only a dangerous creature because he, himself, was torn on what to think. It was also why he gave the boy a simple shrug of his shoulders before moving to take off his robes and put on the, uh, fencing gear?


Yeah, this didn't help.

What did help was the small bop on the nose of one of the gargoyles, something that made him instantly smile.

Right, yeah, focus.

So they...... had to work as a team to clean the gargoyles? Someone had to smear the honeycomb and distract the gargoyle, someone else had to harness it and lure it back to the trough, someone else had to work on the boiling water, and....... scrubbing would come later, right? Well. Lucas already knew what he wanted to do. The water part sounded the easiest and least likely to give him anxiety or to scare him but..... he wasn't the only person on this team.

Turning to the others, he asked, "Sooo, who wants to do what?"
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