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She'd rambled during much of the lift ride, talking mostly about her time at the ministry. It felt like a safe topic, not too personal or emotionally driven, one that she could speak confidently about. Truth be told, she was a little afraid of what she might say if she did allow a silence to drag on, something that had been such a comfort back when they were younger. She'd never felt more comfortable sitting next to someone and not saying a word before she met Andrei and now the thought of that happening was scary. It's funny how time had an ability to change something like that.

After securing them each a mug of coffee, thankful she'd been clued in to leave some of her own down here for occasions such as this, she lead him over to the seating area. "It's eclectic, I'll give it that." A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as she looked around at the seating, forever amused by the collection of chairs. "Take your pick...just maybe not the orange one. I think that's the one with the spring that pokes out." She'd decided on a plaid arm chair that looked dated and like it had been collected from some sweet old couple who'd cover their furniture in plastic wrap to keep it from getting dirty.
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