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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
It wasn’t unusual for purple paper airplanes to flitter back and forth across the lobby. Being a Reception Area, the air was often peppered with the purple things. Most landed on the Reception Desk, notes informing the Receptionist of people coming and going amidst other request for supplies and outgoing mail requests. Other memos flew past the desk to their destinations or flew to the lifts to on their way to other levels of the Ministry. It was such a normal sight that Ministry employees often ignored the little purple papers as they flittered about and the papers usually ignored the employees.

Three of the paper airplanes flew over the heads of the two employees below (Love-for-HP / GD2204) on their way like usual.

Only after those three memos passed by, there were no airplane memos for an unusually odd length of time. Funny, why did the mail stop? Was it a national holiday?

And then a lift arrived. The doors opened with a ding and out poured a small mountain of purple memos. The paper airplanes tumbled and slid across the floor. Quick! Better gather them all up before the lift gates crushed them beyond repair.
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
Delyth!! That's what it was jeepers Alba needed some help with names, she was so bad at them. "Delyth, that's right!! Please forgive me, I'm Alba" She added. "No harm, no foul." She said too, good they were both okay. "I'm a little nervous for the day..." She added smiling up at the purple airplanes... or lack there of. "Funny .. no mail for a bit." She added, and then heard what sounded like a crash and then airplanes flying everywher! "Merlin's Beard!" Alba cried and started reaching for everything in site. "Delyth can you hep me!" She screeched.
Names could be such a tricky thing, especially when you have to remember so many so, for Delyth at least. “It’s okay, wh-” waving off her apologies now, her hand froze in mid air as her eyes followed the three purple planes that flew over-head before shooting back around to the crash that seemed to come from the elevator. “What in the name of Merin…” she whispered to herself plane after plane crashed out of the elevator in a gigantic pile, sliding across the floor in every direction.

Unsure of exactly what to do, the newly appointed ministry worker just looked at Alba for a moment, waiting for some sort of advice or instruction, unsure of exactly what to do. This was her first day and already she had almost knocked over a fellow worked and now this mess across the floor too. Had anyone ever had a worse first day? “Of course, I can help!” she yelped. Dropping her bag where she stood, she sped towards the letters and started collecting them instantly, her eyes wide with panic.
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