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SPOILER!!: Announcer & Adam
Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
The Chamber of Codes was a very quiet room. It had, after all, been designed to muffle sound. So it should come as a big surprise to the two unspeakables (Krel Ansell / Nordic Witch) that the room was suddenly filled with odd clickety-click noises. The clacks were soon joined with odd whizzes and buzzes, clicks, and clacks.

If the Seer and Potioneer were to travel a few feet further into the chamber, they would find that many of the revolving tools, recording devices, and the large machine that looked like a Lorenz Cipher were the cause of the noise. What had set them off? Had someone been using them only to walk away? The two Unspeakables were alone in the room. Or were they?
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Adam highly doubted that he had the ability to sneak up on anyone, but he kept his self-deprecating thoughts to himself. ” Zorry if I scared vou,” he simply said. It truly hadn’t been his intention to startle her, more just to announce his presence so that she didn’t get that funny feeling of not being alone. Or was Adam the only one who experienced that feeling? The book in his hands snapped shut and he slipped it back onto the shelf before turning to look directly at Laurel, blue eyes big and buggy looking behind his thick lenses.

Laurel did not seem happy with Adam mentioning the rock pillows. ”If it bothers vou zat much, ve could do ein level by level zearch for zem,” he offered. He’d even be willing to come in and do them on his off hours. Not like he had anything to keep him at home anyways. Especially now that he and Zita were…what? He still didn’t know what was going on with them.

As Laurel continued to talk, Adam got an odd feeling. It started between the shoulder blades and shimmied up making the hair on the back of his neck stand up a little. There was a low tick-tick noise that he wasn’t sure if Laurel could hear and he turned his head to the left, holding up a finger to Laurel. ”Shh..” he said. ” Did anyone elze come vith vou?” Because he had been 99% sure he was alone in the chamber until Laurel had joined him. The noise grew louder, whirring and buzzes coming with the ticks. ”I zhought,” he asked turning his gaze back to Laurel. ”Zis room vas dezigned to zilence noize?” Maybe he was wrong. Adam didn’t spend as much time in the room as Laurel surely did.

Either Laurel's Inner Eye was sleeping or her senses we’re off because usually nobody could sneak up on her. Adam had succeeded though and it was weird. With his cane and such he was the least stealthy person she knew that worked in Mysteries. "Apology accepted." Laurel murmured in response. She watched Adam put a book back on the shelves, which reminded her of the orbs she still carried in her arms. "I’ll be right back!" she told him before she walked in between the shelves and down to the prophecy storing section. After depositing the orbs in their proper places Laurel returned to Adam’s side.

Rock pillows...Resisting the urge to sigh Laurel said instead tagging on to Adam’s suggestion. "Sure a level by level search for the pillows sounds like a good idea Adam. Airey would have to approve that though and something tells me he won’t. Maybe the rock pillows are still on our level somewhere so we should search all the rooms here first before we ask to broaden the search. You haven’t seen any pillows in the potions lab?"

Laurel was about to ask if Adam had bidden in the silent auction when he shushed her and that was when she heard it..There was an eerie and odd clickety-click sound coming from somewhere close. Shaking her head she said quietly. "No, i came down here alone. Did you bring anyone along?" The answer was probably no too because otherwise whomever that person was would have joined them by now. Listening to the sound and turning her head left and right, not sure where the sound came from she nodded in response to Adams question. "Yes this room is supposed to absorb up noise so this is eerie and weird. Shall we see if we can find where the clicking sound is coming from?"
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