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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Field work..... hmm, somewhat. Maybe Fletcher was just a little bit allergic to work in general, unless it was the kind where he got to travel and wine and dine on someone else's dime. He still did that, to an extent, but had definitely stepped back from his business some.

"Sure, I just like not being chained to a desk in one location...." Which, if he had his way today, he wouldn't be! Because they would be going around and making friends on other floors and all that. Good, Jonathan could relate. Fletcher knew they would get along! "Yes, sure, that's probably true."

He smiled and absentmindedly rubbed his hand where his tattoo had just been. "Thanks." No time to talk about that right now, they had to get a move on! Fletcher stood up abruptly and waited to see if Jonathan would follow. "I'm no Legilimens, but it sounds like we should go...... to the opposite end of the Ministry, and work our way up!" Right? Right! "To the Department of Mysteries it is!" Jonathan had decided this, see? "They need an ombudsman of course. I'll introduce you."

As if he knew anyone on that floor. OH WELL, no time like the present to make memories!

He has worked with dragons for a long time now and finally getting a job in the ministry is a big change for him. He's used to a desk and all but he is all for meetings and whatnot. He enjoys meeting other people and getting to know them. "let's just make things fun, yes?" not all desk jobs are dull.

Jonathan is definitely pumped up with this plan and he is more hyped because Fletcher is there for all of these. Yes, Jonathan is a bit of the shy type but with that solely depends on the person he is with. Pretty sure Fletcher is going to wheel his shyness out with a blink of an eye. Thank Merlin for that.

And oooooohhhhh.... They will be starting in the Department of Mysteries. Jonathan is curious to see what their office looks like. He stood up right after Fletcher stood as well. He walked towards the sink area and left his coffee mug next to it, he will be cleaning that later. "let's go" he said making sure to tidy his tie up.

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