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Text Cut: Airey
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

It was true, Airey Flamsteed was always acting peculiar for one reason or another and it was often times difficult to notice if something were truly astray. This had happened during the term of the spiked ice cream while he was still a professor at Hogwarts. Had taken everyone all term to realize that the Astronomy professor had been suffering from its influence. Serenading the Potions Mistress, who terrified him, had done the trick.

"I see," he nodded, leaning forward a bit to peer at the glasses in question. And no, he had not meant for that to be a pun or anything. Though those sorts of dad jokes did slip out on more and more occasions these days. "Perhaps we should put you on a lighter load until you do. Would hate for your eye wear to cause further injury." Or destroy part of the chamber which, well, would not be good. Even the lightest of outcomes would be love potion spewed all across level 9 and Unspeakables performing all sorts of acts of PDA.

On second thought, that was one of the more worst case scenarios. He'd rather the entire chamber blow up.

"I did," he nodded a bit. "What there was of it at least. Minister had me working on a few matters." And, of course, it was unwise to leave level 9 unsupervised for too long. "I was mostly lurking around the auction tables with Medea and Alexa." To avoid all the small talk. "Won myself the rare stamp collection. Still need to find a suitable place in my office to display it." He rubbed his chin at the mention of the greenhouses and couldn't think of anything he necessarily needed at the moment. "Don't believe that I do...going for a bit of a supply run?"

He waved a hand dismissively at Airey’s concern. ”I plan on spenting zee next few days in zee zubly cabinets. Zey need zome organizing.” He didn’t have any potions brewing and planned on staying as far away from the Amortentia as possible. He was still mad at Zita and well, he didn’t want to be anywhere near the potion which would only make him think of her. Besides, the other day when he was looking for Boomslang skin, they were oddly low. Same with lacewing flies. And if he wasn’t in the supply cabinets, he’d be off running around trying to find new stores for it.

”A stamp colleczion?” Adam said attempting to feign excitement. ”Zounds like zomething zat vould look nice above your tie colleczion.” And Adam would know, he’d – ahhh….spent a bit of time in Airey’s office a few years ago. He and one of Airy’s pet rocks were quiet familiar with each other. He coughed and then remembered the poorly wrapped package under his arm. ”But, vou might zink differently after vu open zis.” Because it was something else for his boss’s office. He passed over the package.
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