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Originally Posted by Mathys de Nostredame View Post
He was learning all too well that he would always bite off more than he could chew when it came to Mademoiselle Grantham. Though he supposed that he could appreciate her enthusiasm if not only in small doses. All of that talking and the conclusion he had drawn was that she had little to no experience in dealing with these creatures. At least she had kept all her fingers from her encounters.

"Quite ze tales," he nodded politely, rethinking a bit his strategy a bit. And then a thought crossed his mind, one too delicious not to act upon. "Zey do," he smiled proudly as he parted the doors leading stables and continued to lead her towards the abraxans. They passed a few stalls that would appear empty to some, but not this man. "Since you have nevair spoken to a winged horse before, may I also assume zat you have nevair sang to one as well?"
They weren't TALES, Monsieur! But Bernie, wisely, held her tongue, because she remembered that SOME animals might be sensitive to sound, and also because she felt like they were all LOOKING at her right now and she wanted them to LIKE HER, okaaaaay. If they liked Notredamez, she probably SHOULDN'T argue with him, so then they would like her TOO. She'd be good.

She held her head up, proud of herself for not talking back, and still trotting along slightly behind De Notrede Dame. "Ummmmmmmm," the first year began to turn red at his question, like a small vine-ripened, sun-dried tomato which would be perfect in a savoury quiche, "No?" Why was that a question, and why were people here always trying to get her to sing?

"No," she sounded more sure now, "I have nevair sung to a winged horse." Or an unwinged one.
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