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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

"....and then, another time, I was visiting this outdoor museum, with my cousins, and there was a sign that said DON'T feed the horses, but I always carry food with me, and I had an apple in my bag, and so OF COURSE I took it out to give to the horsies, and my cousin, she picked up some hay or straw or grass, I'm not really sure the difference, and SHE gave it the other horse, and we were laughing and petting their noses, and then a WORKER saw us, and the worker yelled at us and chased us off, and as we were running away, my cousin Megan's boot fell off, right into a puddle, and it was SOOOOOOO funny, I almost also fell into the muddy puddle for laughing, but really we got away, and the horses were fine, so I'm not like, sure, why the worker was mad, because horses LIKE apples, like, you know? And they looked, like, skinny? Like they were being WORKED a LOT. But that's about it for my equestrian experience, since you asked."

Bernadette had to pause at the end of Story 3/3 so that she could catch her breath before they entered the stinky stables. Frankly, she LOVED telling stories, but also, all this walking and excitement had made her a little breathless.

"But I've NEVER even TALKED to the flying horses, sir!" Bernie peeked out from behind his shoulder to see what they were like as they went inside. "They pulled our carriages, right?" Like, how Hogwarts had gotten here and stuff? How did that WORK, exactly? Were physics not really a thing here in the wizarding world?
He was learning all too well that he would always bite off more than he could chew when it came to Mademoiselle Grantham. Though he supposed that he could appreciate her enthusiasm if not only in small doses. All of that talking and the conclusion he had drawn was that she had little to no experience in dealing with these creatures. At least she had kept all her fingers from her encounters.

"Quite ze tales," he nodded politely, rethinking a bit his strategy a bit. And then a thought crossed his mind, one too delicious not to act upon. "Zey do," he smiled proudly as he parted the doors leading stables and continued to lead her towards the abraxans. They passed a few stalls that would appear empty to some, but not this man. "Since you have nevair spoken to a winged horse before, may I also assume zat you have nevair sang to one as well?"
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