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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
There was a feathered quill poking at her and Claudine turned to look at Bernie. “What if those gargoyles recognise me as the one who set the roses on fire, Bernie?” she whispered, voicing her fear and trusting her friend to not laugh at her. Her eyes darted back to the gargoyles but she nodded, somewhat reluctantly. Only Bernie could convince her to suit up. Besides, she would have her wand with her if the gargoyles got too cranky.

Up the Snakette got, leaving her belongings on the couch. “You think these things are really going to protect us?’’ she asked, skepticism in her voice. She eyed the fencing gear with suspicion but at the same time picking up a pair of gloves.
"What if they recognise me as the one who set his mouth on fire?" Bernie whispered back to Claudine, nodding in the direction of Ozzy or whatever its name was. What were they gonna do, shape-shift on them again? She was convinced that gargoyles were mostly harmless big dogs, and wasn't going to sit out their first ACTIVE lesson since the Gargoyle Incident of '99. "We can't let the fear of striking out keep us from playing the game!" It was a good quote she'd heard somewhere and was totally using right now. Plus, y'know. Gryffindors didn't have the fear gene.

She left her things behind and started putting on the fencing gear alongside her friend. "Dunno," Bernie replied, still being QUIET, and shrugging some. "I really want to just... use magic, y'know?" But to be fair, she did understand why they weren't trying that complicated spell again. Guess all this weird padding would have to do.
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