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Hey Guys, I hope I'm not posting too close to when I finally got my last chapter posted. I'm still under the weather, but with God's help able to be up and at least functional but I get warn out soooo fast. I hope the last chapter was enjoyable to read. This chapter is very short, but is the last chapter in this short story. The new chapter picks up where this one finished only a new story arc begins. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 2

The Assassins And Harry

When Harry showed up at K'lari's she whistled and instructed her guards to take the seven men Harry brought to her to the processing cells. She turned her attention to Harry and said, “Let's have a look at ya handsome. My my my don't you look good, but let's get these arrows out of you so you feel as good as you look.”

Harry turned red in the face and grinned at her. He knew she flirted with him just to make him squirm, but also to get his mind off of his troubles. She made him tell her everything he didn't tell her in his e-mail to her that morning. By the time he was done she was just finishing up wrapping his wounds. She gave him some dinner and he ate it thanking her for her generosity. After he ate he said good-bye and disappeared. He needed to go somewhere and get some sleep to level his energies.

A month went by with Harry taking more and more assassins to K'lari. A few of them were alive, but most of them were dead. He was completely healed from his energy problem he had of levels being too low and short circuiting. He was so used to being alone that K'lari worried that he was becoming completely detached from his previous life. She wondered how long it had been since the last time she saw him smile.

“Hey handsome, why don't you take a couple days off and go make love to your wife?”

Harry didn't seem phased of her bold question but only answered, “I'm dead to that life, K'lari. They don't need me to go in and mess up their lives. I'll see you later, K'lari.” And with that he left.

Another month went bye and K'lari hadn't seen or heard from him. She began watching the papers for news of his death but thankfully didn't see anything. Then a week later he showed up just before she was ready to retire for the evening with eighty seven assassins he dumped out of his pouch. When they hit the floor they grew to their normal size. Over half of them were dead and the others were in bad shape. Harry was in a bad way too. She saw he was overwhelmed with weariness and bleeding from multiple wounds over much of his body. He took out his clipboard and checked off the names of the men and women he just brought in and then put it away.

“That's the end of it, K'lari. Do you need any help taking care of these people?”

“No handsome, my guys can take care of them just fine. Let me help you, you're pretty bad off.”

Harry said, “If I could trouble you for a glass of water I'd appreciate it and then I'll be on my way.”

K'lari brought him a glass of water and found him leaning on the door frame asleep on his feet. She used this time to see if his wounds were life threatening and found he had been keeping up with potions and medications but some of them were very fresh like he just got them. She was inspecting one wound that went from his chest extending on up through his neck and stopped just barely on his bottom lip. She swallowed and rolled her eyes up feeling like she was being watched. Harry was watching her and when she stepped back he said, “Are we all done here now?”

K'lari laughed and said, “No, handsome; we are not done. How about you go take a shower upstairs and I'll put fresh meds and bandages on you?”

Harry's lips turned up slightly in the corner and she saw a tiny glimmer of a twinkle in his eyes. “Thanks, K'lari, but I need to-”

She slid a copy of the Rising Phoenix on the desk so he could see it. The World Quidditch Tournament was tomorrow. The scrimmage was to be played first thing in the morning at nine o'clock. And it seems that the itinerary has changed due to adults playing the match with children didn't go over well with the parents. The Seekers and the Keepers being the only adults and the rest of the teams being children. So the plan now was for the teams to be the adults from Gryffindor and Slytherin to play and the players would be those who played in the year 1997. It was a vital year for the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The paper went on to say that they hoped Harry Potter would make an appearance if he was alive and available. The Seeker might end up being his wife Ginny Potter but that would make her doing double duty since she was to be the commentator for the Main Event immediately after the scrimmage.

K'lari asked what was so significant that year that they would choose players who played that year? Harry frowned and softly said, “It's the year Professor Dumbledore died.”

He said he had a meeting to attend to first thing in the morning at the United Nations in America. And then he was gone.
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