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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Laurel, did vou looze zomething?,” Adam asked. He was leaning up against the bookcases holding a book really close this face. It was so close in fact, that his hid most of his face and the new horned-rimmed glasses with the thick coke-bottle lenses they held. He hadn’t seen her as much as sensed her. There was always a prickly air around the woman, not to mention that Adam’s sense of smell was still pretty astute and he could smell the soap she used. It was due to the particularly tense air of seriousness always around the woman that Adam couldn’t help but be sardonic. He flipped a page without lowering the book. Now that he could see enough to read, he was trying to catch up on a few articles regarding new potion discoveries and he just didn’t want to sit in the locked room with the distracting smells the Amortentia potion produced. It reminded him too much of Zita and well, right now he was mad at her. ”Perhaps more rock pillovs?” he jested. Although if memory served, the ones she insisted were missing last year were still at large. Maybe they should make “wanted” posters for them.

Not expecting to run into anyone in the library at this hour Laurel almost jumped out of her skin at Adam's question, his voice had sounded so loud. Taking a shaky breath to calm her raising pulse with the prophecy orb's still in her arms the blond seer turned around to face her mysteries colleague. "Adam, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that. It's scary." Laurel stated tersely, but she smoothed over it by explaining kindly to him. "No, I haven't lost something. I was going to store these fulfilled prophecies in the archives and then do some research on the families of a few potential seers that are coming in for their exams later in the week."

At the mention of rock pillows Laurel gave him a long sour look. "Why are you bringing up those pillows again? I know they are still not all accounted for and Airey couldn't care less that i think it's disturbing." Ugh. Adam, Adam why did you have to remind her of those pillows? Did he want her to get into a foul mood? Her mood was good and Laurel intended for it to stay that way. "So what brings you down to the library Adam? Potion ingredients?"

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