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Originally Posted by Mathys de Nostredame View Post
That was a bold answer, but Mathys had come to expect such intrepid gestures from the younger students of Hogwarts. Had she left her answer there, the man was obligated to throw his own flavour of pettiness into his response. Though, unfortunately, she continued and that tight fist pressed to the small of his back relaxed. "Ze orf virus, more commonly known as sore mouth, ees an ailment most commonly found een sheep and goats." His crystal blue eyes glanced around towards the gargoyles assembled, his gaze falling on a few in particular. "Sores are typically found around ze leeps, muzzle, and een ze mouth. Furthair gruesome details can be found een your textbooks."

Complete with pictures.


Most of the gargoyles had taken it upon themselves to lay down in the grass as the lesson progressed while various noises of discontent filled the air between silences from human speech. A purr over here, the rattle of a tail over there, a quiet bleat, the occasional crunch of grass as one or two decided they needed a bit of a snack. All this was music to the man's ears and a good indication of his gargoyles' temperament for the remainder of the lesson.

"Gargoyles, as you have hopefully observed, are a unique species of creature. Like ze chimera and ze mateecore, gargoyles' bodies ahre a hybreed of two or more species and ziss ees not always conseestent from one gargoyle to anothair. As you can see among zose who have volunteered to attend our lesson, we have some zat have reptilian parts while others lack zese entirely and have strong caprine qualeeties. Ziss can make zeir care extremely deeffeecult as zey are susceptible to numerous ailments. To counteract ziss, gargoyles' stone sleep, wheech ees usually triggered by zeir biological clocks, became a vital evolutionary advantage. I am sure you can sink of numerous advantages for phase shifting, zough not without eets risks as well." He paused a moment to carefully maneuver himself around the gargoyles that had strung themselves out on the grass. "In ze wild, cleanliness ees a survival skill. Even ze cahckroach must keep eets feelers clean to find food. One disadvantage zat gargoyles face with zeir phase shifting ees zat zey struggle to shed old coats, or scales, or skin. Some of you may have seen what Non–magiques considair to be a gargoyle, where zey awake by bursting out of a stone casing...but ziss ees something of pure imagination and not how sings actually work. Gargoyles not only will phase shift eento zeir stone sleep for rest, but also to protect against ze weathair and zey are not invincible against erosion or lichen growth...which ees what you see on our gargoyles here. Among...other zings. Today, you will all be learning how to give a gargoyle a bath and tend to eets specific needs for cleanliness. But before we begin, we need to start on some protective measures. no spell work ziss time."

They all saw how well that had turned out the last go around and Mathys did not fancy a repeat offense.

"Over zair on ze racks tucked behind zat tree you will find an assortment of modified fencing gear zat you can slip on over your Hogwarts uniforms. I suggest you remove your bulky billowy black robes. Zese have been mmodified by myself to act een ze same mannair een wheech Loricatus was meant to ze last time ziss task was attempted. you go. Be sure to make no sudden movements and remembair to keep your voices to a pleasant calm. Once you have changed, reassemble weeth your couchmates and we will begin caring for our gargoyles."

And if there were any questions, now would be the time to ask them.
Oh, interesting. This was in their books, was it? Huh. Bernadette had been hoping to see the mouth of a gargoyle like the one that had chomped down on her wand up close and personal. As far as her wand and the gargoyle were concerned, they had some business that was NOT FINISHED yet.

But, as it were, she did not intend to lose any more house points today, and so she'd hold her tongue............. for ze moment. She'd wait until the perfect opportunity to see her gargoyle's mouth for herself.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine diligently made a list of answers that de Nostredame seemed to be okay with. It was unsurprising that he accepted hers since it was one that was known, especially if anyone grew up in the Wizarding world. Her steely gaze followed his to the gargoyle at the man’s feet. That one must have suffered from Squabbs Syndrome but she was intrigued to learn that the Syndrome affected not just dragons.

Try as she might, the Snakette could not keep her eyes off the gargoyles. Her feelings towards them from the first lesson had not changed but they were fascinating to watch and listen to. Then…

Panic surged through her. They were what? Give those things a bath? And what if they attacked? Had de Nostredae thought of that? Were these protective gear going to be sufficient? What if a few of them recognised her as one of the students that the HeadCrazyMistress hated for destroying the roses and attacked her while de Nostredame wasn’t looking?

So many questions.

Still panicking a little, Claudine remained glued in place on that couch.
"C'mon, Claudine," the Gryffindor grumpily (but quietly) nudged her friend, poking her knee with the feathery end of her quill since Claudine was all anti-touch and all that. Bernie had somewhat noticed this. "Let's get suited up." And also, don't worry, because Bernie would protect you.... again, if necessary.
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