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All of the illnesses sounded very bad indeed and Cecelia couldn't help but wonder how her dogs were doing at home. She knew her family was more than capable of looking after them, but talking about all this made her wish she could be there to give them each a cuddle and see for herself. Luckily before she knew it, it was time to focus ALL her attention on the gargoyles, and that was as good a distraction as any. She bet Phoebe was looking forward to working with them, too, and she offered her a grin as they were clued in on what they'd be doing. "Wonder which gargoyle we'll work with," She said quietly, eyes on the many lounging around the professor. "Hope we get one that likes us." 'Cause Cecelia liked being liked, she did.

Getting up slowly when it was time, the first year shrugged off her black robes and set them on the bench. Then it was off to get her gear. She didn't dare run, even IF she was eager to grab the equipment, 'cause she didn't want to make the gargoyles upset. They'd already gotten a bad rep with these creatures and THAT needed to be remedied today.

The fencing outfit looked kinda silly on the small first year, but she walked with her head held high as she returned to the bench. She felt kind of official wearing it, like she was ready to work!

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