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Default Elisa, Cole, Lucas, Holly, & Avalon

The first question of the lesson had Avalon a bit stumped. The only illness she could really think of was scale rot, but Gryffindor boy on her bench had already said that. Were they supposed to have learned this by now? She racked her brain, trying to remember if they ever discussed creature diseases last term. Maybe she should have done some extra reading. She decided to stay quiet and listen to the others' responses instead.

When Nostredame started talking about creature cleanliness, it was all she could do not to groan. Those gargoyles looked positively grimy, and she was not looking forward to spending the lesson scrubbing them clean - or whatever the methodology was. Nevertheless, she slowly moved toward the rack of fencing gear, not wanting to startle any of the gargoyles. Once she returned to the bench, she shrugged off her robe, tucked it neatly under the bench with her belongings, and pulled on the suit. "I don't know, but I just hope that we all leave here with out extremities still in tact," Avalon whispered to Cole sarcastically, her mind flashing back to the way that the gargoyle had nearly split Bernadette's wand in two the last time they were in the Rose Garden.
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