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They were supposed to do what????

Shocked to say the least Cole just stared straight at the gargoyles by the professor's feet for several minutes trying to grasp the unthinkable, totally ignoring the fact that professor De Nostradame had praised him for his answer. Giving gargoyles a bath? Was the professor mad? What if they we're attacked like last time? Cole highly doubted that any fencing gear was going to protect them then. Breathing slowly and trying not to panic Cole's eyes glanced around at his couch mates; first at Elisa and then at Holly, Lucas and Avalon. Did they fear this too? We're they as worried as he felt?

Swallowing Cole got up and geared up in the protective gear as instructed before he retook his seat next to Elisa, Avalon, Lucas and Holly and whispered quietly to them. "Do you guys think this will really be safe to do?"
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