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Had she been looking up at him at that very moment she surely would have smiled brightly in return. A Connor smile was rare but Merlin how she loved it when he did! Maybe it was the fact that it was something that he didn't do often that made it even more special for her, especially knowing that she was the reason for it. Her boyfriend was the most handsome guy there was and there was no talking her out of that.

"Mhmm, I know you will because you're stubborn like that." Addison lifted her head up at little to smile at him. They seemed to fall into a gentle but comfortable silence than, which the blonde didn't mind in the least. Turning her attention back onto the lake, the slight breeze that blew across making the water ripple softly. This was one of her favorite spots to sit and relax and sitting here with Connor now, reminded her of how much she was going to miss this once they graduated.

The day was coming fast for them and decisions were going to have to be made. University, careers, possible living arrangements. Was she going to remain living at home or move out on her own? Focus solely on attending on university and getting tops grades or get another job like she had the previous summer. It was a LOT to think about. All she knew for sure was she wanted to be close to wherever Connor was going to be.
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