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Hey Guys, I can't be on here long because I've been super sick and trying to recover is a slow process. I'm already tired so I'll just post the new chapter. Thank you for being faithful to our story and reading. Please post a comment if you want to but don't if you don't want to. Everyone is welcome to my visitor page also. I hope you all like this new short story.

Short Story: The Hand Harry Is Forced To Play

Chapter 1 Arrows Through The Barrier

Harry looked over at the coffee table and then held out his hand. John took it to shake but then he was standing on Atlantius by the ocean. John looked at Harry and asked what was going on. Harry took out his cell phone and called Mr. Woolsey.

“I've got John at my place on Atlantius. John said I'm not permitted on Atlantis anymore, but you can't keep me off of my property. So, are you coming to get him or do I bring him to the city?”

Harry put away his phone and took John's arm again and they were standing in Mr. Woolsey's office that had previously been designated as a safe place to appear whenever he had need to be there. When he got there Mr. Woolsey was hanging up his phone. Harry folded his arms over his chest and waited for him to begin talking. But they were interrupted by Rodney's shouting as he and Carson made their way to the office.

“At least we got here safe and sound without constantly having to refer to the map to find out where we were and how far off course we wondered off of it.”

“Well you fly so slow that we would have had time to stop at every planet and moon from Earth to here and have a picnic! You fly too slow and you won't use warp speed.”

“Rodney, come on now, it was from England to Cheyenne Mountain. There's no need for warp speed.”

Mr. Woolsey cleared his throat and John and Harry glanced at each other trying to hold back their laughter but then looked away from each other since they weren't friends any longer.

Rodney and Carson both were surprised to see John and Harry there and Rodney; since he was already mad said, “And why is it that we had to bring the Puddle jumper back if Harry was bringing John back? He could have brought us and the Puddle jumper back within seconds!”

Mr. Woolsey looked at John and said, “You have some explaining to do.”

Harry said, “Actually it is you who has some explaining to do. John didn't know I was going to bring him back after he told me his orders were to fly to Cheyenne Mountain and on to here from the Stargate. You should know that I wouldn't allow him to fly after Carson said he can't fly until he checks him out.”

“Here now; what's this then? John absolutely cannot fly until I figure out what is going on with his head. And Harry is in no condition to be doing this much magic for a few more days yet, maybe weeks now. Harry get down to the infirmary and let me see the damage that's been done. I'll be down in a minute.”

Harry said, “I'm sorry, Carson, but you're not my doctor any longer and neither is Jennifer. But here, after you left I operated on John. I think he's perfectly fine now; this is what I fixed.” He handed Carson the folder that appeared in his hand and then offered his hand to shake. After Carson shook his hand he shook Rodney's hand and said he was proud and thankful for their friendship while it lasted. Then he said, “Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr. Woolsey was just about to tell me why I'm being shunned and banned from any future contact.”

John said, “Harry, I told you that I-”

“Yeah, you fight your own battles. Well, so do I and this is not your battle but mine. Now, if I could be told what I did to deserve this treatment from your government I'd really appreciate it. Then I'll be out of your hair for good.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “The Pentagon got word of the assassins contract out on you and these last two attacks on you proved that we are not safe from your people or the assassins. We cannot jeopardize this expedition or any of our people or the people of Earth by not providing extra protection that they can't afford. Those assassins are ruthless and they don't care who might be around you when they find you and try to kill you. So there won't be any chance of anyone getting hurt or killed it's best to just stay away from us.”

Rodney said, “Here's a novel thought, why not help Harry track down the assassins and get rid of them? Then it would be safe to visit each other again.”

John looked down at the floor too angry to say anything.

“What, it's a great plan! Oh I get it; just because a scientist thought of it and not one of the high and mighty brass buttons then it cant be a good plan? That's ridiculous!”

Harry spoke quietly and said, “You don't understand Rodney. The plan is what wasn't said. The Pentagon means that it would be cheaper and quicker to get rid of me themselves instead of paying extra personnel for protection. They can't wait for an assassin to take me out and they don't want anyone around me when they put the plan into execution. Although they forget the great expense a deal with the devil will cost them.”

Mr Woolsey looked astonished and said, “No, Harry, I'm sure they don't mean that at all. They-”

He stopped when John huffed and said, “It is what they mean, Harry has it right. I'm not going to sit around and do nothing though.”

“That is exactly what you are going to do. Nothing! I fight my own battles, just like you. Now, I left a note for Ginny in case she comes home telling her that I took you home and I would be right back after I found out what was going on. So, it's been... a pleasure knowing you all. I have assassins to hunt. Good bye.” He left as his eyes made contact with John's. He felt like part of his heart was ripped from his chest and knew that John wasn't happy either.

When he got home Winky told him Ginny and the kids hadn't come home yet. “Winky, something has come up that has made it impossible for my family and everyone here; my home, everything, safe if I'm here. I'm going to go away and take care of this problem and while I'm away, I want you and Marston to be the overseer of my property and everyone on it. Anything that has life, you two will be in charge of it. I know your code says you must obey us, but if you are given an order that you think is in contrast to the best interest and the safety for my family and home then you are ordered by me right now to not obey them.”

Harry told Winky everything he learned while he was on Atlantis and ended by asking her if she understood every bit of what he told her. She said she understood and she also understood what he wanted her and Marston to do. She was upset and sad that her Master Harry had to go off and fight a battle that seems too big to come out alive but knew he was right that he had to try.

“I'm going to go up to Pride Rock and soak up some sun rays for the energy I need. I'll try to rest as much as I can and I'll grab something to eat and drink after I talk to Ginny at the Burrow if she's not home in two hours.”

Harry appeared on Pride Rock and sat on the rock; his legs dangling over the edge, and then laid on his back looking at the sky. Clouds were accumulating and a breeze picked up. To Harry's dismay it was fixing to storm; not a lot of time to absorb energy from the sun he needed but he would get as much as possible before it came. Thankfully he fell asleep and awoke to raindrops falling on him. He got up feeling refreshed and was delighted that he had gotten close to the two hours he was hoping for.

He hurried home and shook the rain off of him when he got on the porch. When he went inside he knew right off that his family wasn't home. He went on his computer and sent an email to Wes explaining what he had to do. An e-mail returned a couple minutes later from Wes saying;

Hey Boss,
I hate it that you have to go off by yourself. Honestly though John and I expected something like this to happen as a result of Hermione causing that hoax. John and my computers weren't infected by the hoax because you have the computers here at the detective agency protected from magic and muggle viruses. I have enclosed a file with all the names of assassins who belong to a society of assassins. This is where people can go online to hire assassins. John and I have tracked down the last known jobs they had so you can find them. There is also some who were willing to give locations to meet if there is payment made ahead of time. We also were able to get pictures of each one. Still with all this we were able to do for you, there are over eight hundred assassins who put their names down for the contract on you. Their names were not erased when the contract was canceled. This goes against their code, but they don't care. They blackmailed every country in the world for things they held over their heads with. The only way to pay for their silence is for the countries to pay whoever kills you forty million dollars and a blind eye for whatever business they have in that country and Diplomatic Immunity. We hope you will let us know what else we can do to help you. If you are lucky enough to take out one a day it will take you over two years to rid society of them. Please don't stay away the whole time; come back to be with your friends and loved ones for moral support and find ways for us to help you.

Your employees, (friends)
Wes and John

Harry wrote back thanking him and John. He made copies of the letter with the names and pictures then put them in his pouch. As he went upstairs he magiced some food that was easy to eat and drank plenty of water while he thought and packed necessities, such as clothes, shoes and socks, toothbrush, and things a person might need when he is going to be traveling for a long while. He shrunk everything down and put it in the trunk that opens up to a closet of infinite space. He was tired of running out of clothes while on missions and returning in rags.

He went downstairs and called Ginny again and was disappointed there wasn't any answer. Harry called a meeting with all the elves and told them he had to go away for an undetermined amount of time and told them they were to obey Winky and Marston as they would obey him. After he thanked them all he let them return to whatever they were doing and he told Winky he was going to the Burrow and talk to Ginny.

He headed for the stable to get Chevron out to ride down to the Burrow. Just before he got to the stable his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and arched his eyebrows.

“Hello Sir, are you okay?”

“Yes, son, I'm fine except for a terrible worry I am dealing with. I have been informed by the Pentagon that a threat assessment has been made of our National Security concerning you and the target on your back. My top Generals with the exception of Jack O'Neill feel that we must eliminate you to keep our country and people safe as well as our allies and their people. I am in agreement with Jack and would rather help you instead of kill you. Is there anything you can do to make them know without a shadow of a doubt that you won't compromise us?”

Harry thanked him for calling and said, “I can't keep people from having opinions about me living or dying and what their definition of safety is. I will promise that I won't go to Atlantis or Cheyenne Mountain. As a matter of fact, I won't be in the United States unless I am after an assassin. I am not planning on killing anyone unless I absolutely have to. If you could keep your soldiers and spies away from me and not try to take me out then I'd be grateful.”

“I'll do my best to keep them away from you, but I can't promise they will.”

The small bit of hope he had just flew out the window. “Right, well thanks for that then. And thanks for calling me, I've got things to do before I disappear from my family and friends for as long as it takes to eliminate the problem. Also I'd like to say that the assassins didn't have anything to do with the last two things that happened to me, if you think your Generals will believe you then tell them.”

He hung up and took Chevron from Marston and thanked him. “Marston, I want you to know I feel better about leaving knowing that you and Winky are taking care of things here at home. Watch my family, thanks, Marston.”

Harry hoisted himself onto the back of his mighty steed and the powerful animal felt the exhilaration in Harry and reared up onto his hind legs and pawed the air, snorted, and neighed defying anything to come between him and his master's ride. Harry grinned balancing himself on the back of Chevron with his knees.

Harry's voice thundered as he commanded his horse, “Lead on, Master Chevron; wherever your heart desires to run and then we need to go to the Burrow!”

Chevron took off at a full gallop and ran completely around the Potter land; Harry taking in the sites and thinking all the while that he may never come back to enjoy another ride on Chevron, or bring Ginny to the many beautiful places nature made or fish in any of the ponds that popped up skirting the bottom of a hill. He rode through the trees that he and Ginny used to walk through when they were first married and thought of the plan to build a cabin by a lake in the clearing a little further ahead. He thought of what lay ahead of him, hunting assassins, and yelled at the top of his lungs releasing the anxiety that built up of late and especially all morning until now. He screamed and cried; great tears streaming through his hair from the wind pushing them back instead of falling down. Finally he had it out of his system, all the anger against Hermione for causing all this; losing his friends from Cheyenne Mountain and Atlantis; and Ginny alienating him and taking the kids with her. The last ripped his heart to shreds and left him empty and alone. Soon Chevron charged to the fence and jumped over it; clearing it easily. He didn't slow down until he slid to a stop in front of a very startled group of people.

Harry couldn't help but grin at the expression on Ron's face. He brought his leg over to the side and sat sideways on Chevron. The wind blew his wild hair away from his handsome face and his pumped body was a sight to look at; his muscular chest heaving with each breath he took. His eyes scanned everyone not realizing why they were looking at him the way they were.

When he saw Ginny he slid off of Chevron with ease and perfect balance. He turned and hugged Chevron and put his forehead on Chevrons forehead. He stroked the horse and whispered to him of the great sorrow he had that he had to leave. Finally he pulled away from him and told him to go back home and have Marston give him a good rub down.

He watched his horse leave and turned to Ginny and the kids. He walked to them and Ron came between them and put his hand up to stop Harry. Harry wasn't expecting this and looked curiously at Ron and asked what was up.

“We can't let you take them mate; it isn't safe for them to be with you.”

Harry looked at the whole Weasley clan standing around Ginny and his children. Pain shot through Harry as if he were stabbed in the heart. But then Ginny spoke up saying, “Come get us, Love, and we'll go home with you. This lot has decided that we can't live at home with you there. We want to go home, Love. We haven't got to be a family for an awful long time.”

Harry started to go to her but Ron put his hand on Harry's chest and said, “We are not letting you take them.”

Harry just looked at him and then shoved him out of the way. George and Charlie stepped in front of him and he shoved them away. Bill and Percy stepped in front of them followed closely by Arthur and Molly. Harry stopped and swallowed and then quietly asked them to let him through. Percy opened his mouth and said, “Harry, we're not going to try to stop you from taking them. Just know that it isn't safe for them to be with you. Kingsley paid Mum and Dad a visit yesterday and said that a group of his old clan approached him to go with them to make a load of money. All they had to do was kill you. He said that there are over eight hundred professional assassins going after you. Of course Kingsley told them if they valued their lives they'd stay out of it and he wouldn't go against you if his life depended on it. But Harry, we aren't strong enough to keep you guys safe. I'm sorry to say that even with you fighting with us and you being the most powerful wizard of all time, there are just too many going after you for us to protect you and your family. But, if you want to take your family and try, we, that is us four, won't try to stop you and honestly we don't blame you for wanting your family.”

Harry hugged Percy and thanked him for talking to him. “I didn't come here to take them away. I came to say good-bye. I had to take John home right after Ginny left. I found out then that assassins are after me, and I'm forbidden to go to any of our friends for refuge or help. As a matter fact, all the leaders of every country on this planet has gotten together to prepare to kill me so they don't have to pay extra money for protection if I seek refuge from them. The President of the United States talked to me just before I got here to tell me he will try to hold his people off as long as he can. But it doesn't look promising since it could take several years for me to defeat all of the assassins. I wanted to tell Ginny and our kids goodbye in private, but they never did come home. Please... let me say good-bye to them.”

Percy put his hand on Harry's shoulder and said, “You are a great man, Harry.”

Harry stepped on through to Ginny and she fell into his arms and kissing his face and lips she whispered, “Please don't go, Love. I'm not strong enough to live if you don't come back.”

He looked into her eyes and then put his face against hers; their tears mingling and his constricted voice made it next to impossible to breath yet alone whisper. “You are strong, Honey. Our kids are strong too. Lean on each other to make a happy life together. Go on with your normal routine and make the best of me not being there. You've had to do it all these years anyway. I met with our elves and they are going to be protecting you guys and our home for me. You are the boss now, but Winky and Marston have authority over you if they feel the best decision hasn't been made. That isn't to slight you in any way, but sometimes things happen that you can't help. Just look at how you were trapped here against your will by decisions made despite what you wanted. And also; I have already put in motion right in front of the enemy something to help me and they don't even know it. It could work out that I'm able to take care of the assassins and come back before you have a chance to miss me. I need to know something though. Why did you leave without a word to me? And why wouldn't you talk to me? I don't know what I did, but you and Lily were both mad at me.”

Ginny's face turned red and she whispered in his ear, “You came back looking close to twenty years younger than me. You're so handsome and sexy, I felt like people would think you found some kind of fountain of youth. I'm just embarrassed and giddy at the thought of you making love to me, an old woman. … But I dream of it all the time. And about Lily; she is just so young but mature for her age. She is up and down with her emotions for me and doesn't understand what role you have in my unhappiness and then my giddiness. Plus, she had a supervised luncheon with Scorpius, and didn't know how you would react.”

Harry pulled his head away from her and looked at her eyes again and said, “Honey, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world and you had to be seen with me and my white hair looking like your great grandfather. You still look very young, I don't think anyone will think anything about us looking different in age. But, that's neither here nor there now. I have to go; I'm beginning to get a feeling of danger. I can't be around anyone if this pans out to be an attack.” He kissed her passionately and held her close to him; not wanting to let go. Then he put his arm out for his kids and gathered them to him. It was the saddest good-bye ever. He looked at Lily and winked at her and softly said, “Special luncheons are the best especially when you're in the company of someone you think is special.”

Hermione spoke up saying, “Harry, you brought this on yourself, but we'll help you in anyway we can.”

Harry looked at her his face turning unreadable. “I think you've done quite enough already, and I can't take anymore of your help. But Ron can come with me and help if he will.”

Harry looked away from Hermione's hurt face and looked at Ron. “What about it, Captain? Will you come with me and help me?”

Ron looked with surprise at him and said, “Why don't you ask John to go with you? You guys are inseparable.”

“This isn't his battle, it is our battle. I won't ask him to put his life on the line for me or our kind.”

Ron became irate and said, “You won't ask him to put his life on the line, but you don't have a problem asking me to give my life for your problem. This is your mess, Harry, and I'm not going to risk my life for you to be able to go home and be with your wife and kids. So, no, I won't go with you.”

Harry calmly said, “This isn't my mess, it was a mess made by someone else. And I would go with you to help you with any problem you had that kept you from going home with your wife and kids. I need to go. Last chance, please come with me.”

Ron said, “This is your mess and you need to stop blaming others for it. If you die trying to clean up your mess; you'd die easier if you admitted that you are to blame. And thanks but no thanks; no, I won't go with you.”

Harry stepped back and looked around, “Do you have your protection up, Father?”

“He is not your father! Stop calling him that!” yelled Ron.

Arthur said he did and Harry nodded his head. “It's begun... it isn't safe here. They can't get through but their weapons can. Everyone go to my house, I'll send up a green flair when it is safe to return.”

George said, “We put up protection barriers, it is safe, but you need to leave now so others don't find out that you hang out here.”

Harry swallowed and backed purposefully away from everyone and turned to look about beyond the yard and an oddly glowing arrow flew through the barrier and pierced Harry's left shoulder and another one hit him in his side. “Go!” he shouted at everyone.

He flew up above his family to draw danger away from them and he began shooting spells in the direction the arrows were coming from. His trained eyes found targets and soon enough they were all disabled and he rounded them up with a magic rope and took them to K'lari's prison. Before he left he sent the green flair up to tell the Weasleys it was safe to return.
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