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That smile, that almost-smirk that he had received was enough to make the fourth year turn slightly red. Why? He didnít know. All he knew was that the man had a very nice smile that he didnít mind looking at, if he was being completely honest. He hardly even took note of the French that he was speaking - it wasnít for him, right? - as he smiled.

At least he was being cool about it, right?

Right. Lesson. This was a lesson. And it was about diseases, apparently, something that made him furrow his eyebrows as he glanced over at the gargoyles. Was this the reason behind their look today? Were they going to have to cure them? Because Lucas still remembered what happened at the Rose Garden and how terrifying these creatures seemed when they - or Desmarais- felt attacked.

As for the question, he frowned a little in thought before raising his hand in the air. It...... wasnít the answer he was hoping for but he had something which was good enough, right? "Well, thereís Foot and Mouth disease. It effects non-magical creatures with cloven hooves like cattle and sheep and, uh..... pigs, I guess? Itís supposed to cause a fever and blisters in the mouth and on the feet. Some even die!"

What was the point to this? "I guess," he started, slowly, "The same could also happen for magical creatures with...... similar hooves?" Shut up, Dakest.
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