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Punz beamed a little as the very fabulous Leon called out to her. She bopped her hand in the air for an air-five to him.

ONLY ten minutes WERE LEFT??! Rapunzel needed to decorate these things! She hurriedly popped her cake balls out of her cake pop maker and then threw them into the freezer on a plate. She tossed some confectioner's sugar and milk together to make a glaze because she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to decorate them with ALL the detailed things in that little time they had left. Punz was about to run over into the pantry room to get some sprinkles and food coloring when Kurumi spoke to her, stopping her in her tracks as she blushed but beamed at her competitor.

Aww, her daughter had a poster? of HER? She was so famous?! "I'd be glad to!" she replied happily. So sweet. SO sweet. And Punz was SO distracted by this. She almost forgot what she had done with her cake pops...

She hurried back to the freezer, so now she did not have all the decorations she needed, but at least she was going to be able to glaze the cake pops, and put them on a stick, and... oh, the host was here. Time to SMILE!

"Ha ha," the blonde fake-laughed at Chip's joke as she started stabbing a stick into each of her cake pops. "Good one," she winked at him. "I think we'll see!" Only now... her view of anything was kind of blocked by all these singing NYMPHS! And she still needed to go get directions from the pantry!

Ugggggggh. "Excuse me," Punz called out politely to the nymphs, spinning around one and twirling around the other, trying to make her way to the pantry. Merlin, they WERE good carolers!

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