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9.X ___ ✵ wingardium leviosa ✵
___ 25th august 2083
___ aderyn morgan née hanover

The day Ryn turned 17, Sha had bounced on her bed before flopping on top of her older sister. “Ryynnniieeee!! Wake up!” She squealed, bouncing a little more to try and pull the older girl out of her slumber.

“Mummy made pancakes!” The nine-year old moaned.

“Why didn’t you levitate them to me, then?” Came a sleepy answer, arms pushing the covers down from over her head.

“IYou’re the adult, not meee!” Marsha giggled.

“Sounds like excuses to me!” Aderyn said, reaching to tickle her sister only for Marsha to howl with laughter seconds later.

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