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Default Bernie & Claudine sitting together ^_^
~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Certainly Bernie was the only person at Hogwarts who managed to make Claudine show a hint of a smile. It was no different now even as she watched the other girl stomp her way over to sit beside her. “Hi, you,’’ Claudine whispered and greeting then fell into silence. Her gaze flicked to the gargoyles which were the source of Bernie’s bad mood. The Snakette was very bad when it came to comforting or cheering up anyone so she would sit and be there for her friend.

The first year eyed the whining gargoyle. Did it just want attention?

Her hand went up after a moment of her racking her brain for an answer. “Squabbs Syndrome affects dragons. They’re not able to make any fire.’’
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