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Text Cut: Sachin ^_^
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
It hadn’t been such a bad week for Sachin. In fact, even work had slowed down a bit which allowed him to deal with pressing issues more efficiently by giving them more of his time and attention. But overall, things were just going well for him at the moment. He really was grateful for it.

Sachin stood in the lift with the only other occupant. Naturally, he knew whom he was as they were both Ambassadors but seeing as Valentin was busy reading the paper, Sachin decided to be quiet and leave the other man to it. Today was just another day were he had issues to update Conley on- work issues, not any personal kind. Just thinking about Conley made him smile and he absently spun the silver ring on the finger of his left hand slowly around. His brown eyes were lowered and fixed on what he considered the most important ring he had ever owned to date. A bit of his dark hair was falling onto his face but he hardly seemed to notice.

Did Valentin realize he wasn’t alone in the lift? Yes. Did he care that he hadn’t acknowledged the other man? Not really. However, now that he was done reading his letter, he told himself that he probably should engage in social niceties. Only when he looked up from the rim of his paper coffee cup, the Indian Ambassador seemed focused on the ring on his finger. Valentin allowed himself a moment to look the man over. He’d always thought Singh an attractive man, but not his type. Nope, Singh was perhaps a bit too runway handsome. That, however, didn’t mean the man wouldn’t stop himself from trifling with the man. In fact, there seemed to be something...different about the man. What was it?

A few more seconds of watching Singh gave Valentin the answer. The man had lost his air of loneliness. Which quite possibly meant Singh was no longer single. It explained the smile and perhaps the ring the man was fiddling with. He was pretty sure that the ring was new as he didn't remember Singh wearing a ring the last time he had seen him at the last Ambassador exchange meeting in September. Not that Valentin spent a lot of time with the Indian Ambassador! Again so not his type! But Valentine had developed the habit of searching handsome men’s fingers for rings before he started flirting. And while a ring didn’t stop him from flirting, they did let him know how far he could take things.

Only he didn’t remember seeing Singh with anyone at the Gala a few nights ago. Curious...perhaps it wasn't as serious are Valentin was deducing. ”Looks lik zumoné eez een la 'onéymoon phas,” Vale said as he folded up his letter and stuck it into the inner pocket of his suit coat.
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