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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Dangit, the guy already knew who he was. Fletcher winced a bit at the full pronunciation of his name, Mister and all that, but waved it away like he was swatting an invisible fly. "Just Fletcher's fine, Jonathan," he replied smoothly, pretending like he knew Jonathan's name all along. He shook his hand, and as he did, something clicked for Fletcher. "You're the Ministry Ombudsman!" That's right! He got the job Fletcher had originally been interested in!

But who was he kidding... Junior Undersecretary was totally better.

"Oh, paperwork." Boring boring boring. Fletcher took a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng sip of his coffee, wincing again at the end of it. He had to go find a better cuppa somewhere, and Jonathan would be the perfect ally for this task. "Listen, Jonathan. You're the ombudsman. I'm the junior undersecretary. We're both new here." Could he BE more obvious? "What do you say we forget the paperwork for the afternoon, and instead start by visiting the other levels? I don't know about you, but I haven't seen all the floors yet and I know that we," the ombudsman and the undersecretary and everyone else on level one, "are supposed to be friendly with the other departments." ESPECIALLY the ombudsman, right? He had BUD in his title. He was supposed to be buds with the other departments!

Was Jonathan catching his drift? "I'm sure we could visit a few floors today, introduce ourselves, you know. Be our charming selves." Ayyyyy Jonathan, whaddaya say?

This was great, Jonathan wanted to meet his other co-workers and what better way to meet them than this? A cup of coffee and some of his awkwardness-- sort of. "It does have a nice ring to it..." he stopped himself and bit his tongue before saying the word 'sir' "... Fletcher" he chuckled. Seems like he needs to get used to calling him that without the mister/sir. Jonathan raised his coffee mug and smiled at the man "Yes. I'm the new Ministry Ombudsman." he is just thankful to be given this job, "And you are the Junior Undersecretary. I mean, wow. That's really great. How is it so far?" Is it a tough job or that he gets times 2 of the paper work than Jonathan?

Jonathan sort of snorted with Fletcher said 'paperwork', maaaaaan it does feel like it's boring task. Jonathan is used to paperwork, his last job also had a ton of it as well. Fun, isn't it? He took another sip of his coffee and looked at Fletcher when he spoke up.

He only heard him say What do you say we forget the paperwork for the afternoon and his mind automatically said yes. Whatever it is... YES. It'd be nice to go stroll around the levels and check out their offices. That's waaaaaay better actually. A smirk plastered on his face and gave him a nod "I like this idea." he used to work in Level 4 but that was yeaaarsss ago. "Yeah I'm up to going around and be friendly with the other departments"

Tapping his hand lightly on the table and nods his head in agreement to Fletcher's plan "so where do we begin?" it's a big place.

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